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March 8th, 2010
10:33 PM ET
Christiane - all ears for the feedback.

Christiane – all ears for the feedback.

The interview with Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a founder of Hamas who claimed he became a spy for Israel's domestic security service proved exceptionally popular.  Religion controlled all discussions Amanpour viewers shared regarding this interview.  Emotions grew strong as viewers exchanged their clearly favored point of view, especially in Facebook.  In addition, peace continued to be the desired outcome among a few, who felt it was “still attainable.”  Lastly, record amount of emails received concerning one topic that many considered a revelation, the documentary Scream Bloody Murder which, was described as “absolutely riveting and breathtaking!” 

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No levelheaded, peace loving human being want to see proliferation of nuclear weapons. While Iran is in the 'hot seat', one could not help but wonder why isnt there any scrutiny on the Israelis? Its incomprehensible to see a how a 'probably nuclear armed nation' driving the effort to pressure a 'potentially nuclear ambitious nation'. Because of this unfairness, we, in the west have no moral standing to lecture Iran.
Jean Luc Picard

Dear Christiane:
The foreign relations committee in Congress sticks it to a NATO ally and friend by passing a resolution condemning the Ottoman Empire for genocide!  Is this how corrupt the political system has become that they would do such incredible damage to Turkish – American relations just to garner Armenian political contributions and votes?  Is this how disdainful they are towards their Party leader President Obama, that they would ignore his appeals and make him look ineffective and weak! Not to mention reinforcing perceptions in the Middle East that the U.S. is still an arrogant and out-of-touch power.  We are talking about the Ottoman Empire, you know, not modern Turkey!  How would the American Government feel if some European country or NATO ally condemned them for the genocide they committed to the American Indian, which is more horrific than anything the Ottoman's did. Hope you will report on how the Islamic government in Turkey is moving to undermine secularism by buying votes and stacking the judiciary and military with Fethullah. Thank you for an excellent show and outstanding reporting.


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Our fabulous intern Sugam and Archbishop Desmond Tutu

March 8th, 2010
08:44 PM ET

Our exclusive interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daugher airs Wednesday:

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Tom's Take

March 8th, 2010
02:03 PM ET
Sr. Writer for Amanpour, Tom Evans, works on scripts with Christiane

Sr. Writer for Amanpour, Tom Evans, works on scripts with Christiane

On AMANPOUR. we focus on women in the Muslim world on this International Women’s Day. Are women’s rights compatible with Islam?  Christiane looks at Sunday’s national elections in Iraq with a political activist working to get more women elected to the Iraqi Parliament.  And then, Christiane sits down with three leading women activists from elsewhere in the Middle East to discuss the pressing issues in their respective countries and the region as a whole.  From honor killings, to repressive family laws and added economic burdens exacerbated by the financial crisis, these three leaders are educating and organizing women to lobby their governments on gender equality in all realms.  With the threat of encroaching Islamic fundamentalism, will women’s hard-won gains be reversed? The Iraqi election is among the top stories today. Here are some perspectives.

Tom Evans
Sr. Writer, AMANPOUR.

IRAQ – Will Sunday’s parliamentary elections help decrease sectarian and ethnic tensions in the country?

–    Head of Iraq’s election commission tells Associated Press turnout for poll was 55 to 60 percent, which is down from roughly 76 percent in parliamentary elections in December 2005
–    Faraj al-Haidari told AP the preliminary results are likely to be released in the next two to three days, most likely on Thursday

–    U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill says overall, it was a “very successful election”.  U.S. Commander, General Ray Odierno, say U.S. will draw down forces to 50,000 troops by the first of September, as scheduled, for a train and advise mission.
QUESTION:  Will U.S. be forced to leave some combat troops in northern Iraq past September 1st because of tensions in that part of Iraq?


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