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March 12th, 2010
11:16 PM ET
Christiane - all ears for the feedback.

Christiane – all ears for the feedback.

Most in the Amanpour audience disagreed with Obasanjo’s statements that blamed the “ethnic, economic and social factors” for the crisis in Jos, Nigeria.  The majority suggested that the crisis of Jos was the result of the dire consequences of Obasanjo’s “unfortunate” decisions that resulted from his eight-year term in office. Viewers felt that Obasanjo’s actions while in office exemplified the “insensitive and unaccountable power” that permeated his “failure” to address Jos’ interests.  A few viewers favored Obasanjo’s ideology. 

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Hello Christine! the Bible records that God wanted them to look for the Son of Hamas and perhaps search all around for Him and find Him,though He is not far away from us and Jesus said that He is the way ,the Truth and the life...I'm glad that Yousuf have found and choosen that way! The strong conviction that he showed, could be seen in the lives of the early believers too.They were persecuted and even put to death.His fearlessness of being abandon by his loved ones and for the possible persecution could come only from a ressurected and living Christ.Besides who would want to see his loved ones remain in the wrong way and perish,and not show them the right way when he already knows that way? Every barrier has a breakthrough and is prone to
T. Haokip


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Islamic scholar who condemned terrorism: 'I am not afraid'

March 12th, 2010
02:49 PM ET

By Tom Evans;  Sr. Writer, AMANPOUR.

(CNN) –The Islamic scholar who issued a powerful fatwa, or religious ruling, against terrorism and suicide bombers said Thursday that he was not afraid of reprisals from his enemies and did not fear for his life.

"I am not afraid of any human being on the surface of Earth," Sheikh Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri told CNN's Christiane Amanpour.

"I am working ... to bridge up the Muslim world and the Western world, to remove the hatreds, to remove all misunderstandings."

"So this is a good cause. I am not afraid of anybody. It depends upon whatever my Lord wants. If I have to live, I will live. Otherwise, I am not afraid."

Ul-Qadri was speaking to CNN just over a week after he issued a 600-page fatwa in London denouncing terrorists as "the biggest enemies of Islam."


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Tom's Take

March 12th, 2010
02:24 PM ET
Sr. Writer for Amanpour, Tom Evans, works on scripts with Christiane

Sr. Writer for Amanpour, Tom Evans, works on scripts with Christiane

On AMANPOUR. today, we bring you an interview with former Eurythmics and solo artist Annie Lennox, who is now fighting the AIDS epidemic in Africa and trying to protect women and girls from HIV. She’s been at the United Nations to help launch a five-year plan to address these urgent issues. She’s one of our guests in today’s broadcast. There’s plenty of news to tell you about today as well. Here are some perspectives.

Tom Evans
Sr. Writer, AMANPOUR.

PAKISTAN – Why are insurgents stepping up their bomb attacks in Pakistan?

– Twin suicide bombings in Lahore today killed at least 39 people and wounded around 100
– Suicide bombers targeted military convoys, but most of casualties were civilians
– It was the fourth major attack in Pakistan this week, indicating insurgents are stepping up violence after a period of relative calm

QUESTION: Are the bomb attacks a sign that the Taliban in Pakistan has regrouped after recent setbacks?


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