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Check showtimes to see when Amanpour is on CNN where you are. Or watch online.

Is there a plan for a post-Assad Syria?

July 24th, 2012
04:51 PM ET

Former U.S. National Security Adviser, General Jim Jones tells CNN's Christiane Amanpour the absence of such a plan would have grave consequences – for Syria and the rest of the region.

“It was okay to be surprised by Tunisia for example,” General Jones said. “Maybe you could excuse it a little bit in Egypt. But Syria is a real big strategic country, particularly as it relates to stability in the Middle East. What happens to Lebanon for example if Assad goes? What happens to Iran?”

But does a plan exist? General Jones, a former member of the Obama administration, didn’t confirm it. But he did stress the importance of having one: “Obviously we should have a plan. As a global leader we need to consider what the elements of that plan are.” FULL POST

Gun crazy in America / Priest expelled from Syria / Fleeing to Iraq

July 24th, 2012
12:16 PM ET

The latest full-length edition of Amanpour is now online: Part 1 Gun crazy in America: A debate about gun control laws in America and a look at how they stack up internationally. Part 2: Priest expelled from Syria Father Paolo Dall'Oglio, a Jesuit priest, discusses his expulsion from Syria for supporting the opposition. Part 3: Between Iraq and a hard place: Iraqi refugees who fled to Syria during the height of the Iraq war are now returning to Iraq.


Gun crazy in America

Gun law expert Alan Korwin and the New Yorker's Adam Gopnik on whether America can change its gun culture.


Jesuit priest expelled from Syria

Exclusive interview with Father Paolo Dall'Oglio who was kicked out of Syria for supporting the opposition.


Between Iraq and a hard place

Christiane Amanpour looks at how Iraqi refugees are affected by the Syrian uprising and if they are better off back home.