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Father of Corrie: ‘Investigation not thorough or credible’

August 28th, 2012
05:06 PM ET

From Frederik Pleitgen, CNN

Haifa, Israel (CNN) - Nine years after an American activist was crushed by an Israeli army bulldozer, an Israeli civil court ruled Tuesday that Rachel Corrie's death was an accident.

Corrie, 23, was killed in 2003 while trying to block the bulldozer from razing Palestinian homes.

Her parents filed suit against Israel's Ministry of Defense in a quest for accountability and sought just $1 in damages. But Judge Oded Gershon ruled

Tuesday that the family has no right to damages, backing an earlier Israeli investigation that cleared any soldier of wrongdoing.

"I believe this was a bad day not only for our family, but a bad day for human rights, for humanity, for the rule of law and also for the country of Israel," her mother, Cindy Corrie, said after the verdict.  FULL POST

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What does Mitt Romney really believe?

August 28th, 2012
10:14 AM ET

Mitt Romney’s coronation as Republican candidate for U.S. President is going ahead as planned, with a nationally televised acceptance speech Thursday night.

But observers outside the United States have fundamental questions about the Republican candidate – best summed up the cover of this week's Economist magazine with the headline, "So Mitt, what do you really believe?"

Gergen: Election a stark choice on America's future

The Financial Times’ Washington bureau chief, Ed Luce, has been wrestling with that question for his readers around the world. You can watch an interview with him from the Florida convention site, in the video above.

What do you think Mitt Romney's foreign policy priorities are? Use the comments section below to share your thoughts and read opinion from other users around the globe:

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