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Look up! Drones now hovering over America

February 8th, 2013
01:42 PM ET

By Lucky Gold & Samuel Burke, CNN

Remotely piloted airplanes, or drones, are increasingly responsible for projecting America’s military might around the world.

Missile strikes from the drones are causing increasing ire from Pakistan to Yemen to Somalia. But imagine drones coming home to roost, in the skies above America.

It's already happening, albeit without the missiles.

Some adventurous amateur spirits who call themselves “Team Black Sheep” are making amazing videos with ingenious miniature drones (watch the video above).

They're also making a statement, showing security lapses in America's airspace. From the majesty of New York’s Statue of Liberty and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, to the gaudy spectacle of the Las Vegas Strip, the drones fly around some of the U.S.’s most-famous landmarks – sometimes buzzing by just a couple feet away.

A federal law that flew under the radar last March allows surveillance drones to monitor U.S. borders.

Cash-strapped police departments have started exchanging expensive helicopters for inexpensive drones.

In two short years, commercial drones will be allowed to take flight, putting even more eyes in the sky.

Fasten your seat belts, America.

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