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January 20th, 2010
09:27 PM ET

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AMANPOUR. viewers responded strongly to Haitian President, Rene Preval and Prime Minister Bellerive’s statements about the Haitian tragedy. Most felt “they were not doing enough” and it was commented, “We still don't know anything about Haiti's leadership. Do they exist?” Overall, disappointment across the board regarding the Haitian leadership team was expressed. The minority continued wondering what other efforts could be of benefit to current circumstances in Haiti and some expressed absolute fear to the next calamity anywhere in the world. It was perceived the world community was not prepared for catastrophic events, and Haiti “was the example.”

Below, you will see some opinions from viewers like yourself. We would love to hear what you think.

Caleb Oki – I don't think they are doing enough though.

Thembela Mahlangu – Something is wrong somewhere...why is the aid for Haitians moving at a tortoise speed??

Thembela Mahlangu – Why can't most of the seriously injured be airlifted to Miami hospitals?

Susan Tongate – We, the world, need to take this Haiti major disaster as a guide on what to do and not what to do in the future.

Cecile Kiley – I fully support John O'Shea's point of view. A core group of strategists should incorporate the ground leaders of those aid organizations that have successfully implemented aid in Haiti to date: e.g. World Vision, the Israeli Army, and so forth.

John Niceman – International community couldn't keep its eyes off Haiti, and we still don't know anything about Haiti's leadership. Do they exist? When do they plan to come out to face the criticism of doing absolutely nothing good in their country?

Cecile Kiley – And those who are donating money, shouldn't just donate it to any organisation ... they should donate it to the organisations (like World Vision) who are, according to CNN on the ground, successfully implementing aid.

Darla St Clair Sycamore – A footnote the Haitian government certainly is not in charge there they were ineffective before the quake and their own people mistrust them. How can we ensure proper governance going forward? Perhaps the country can be a ward of the UN for 5 years at least until stability that is overdue is achieved?

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  1. Nicola Lecca

    Are some people really expecting that the Haitian government should have a key role in the post – hearthquake matters?
    Is this really becoming a debate topic? Come on.....
    What Haiti really needs is just a full support from worldwide: from the small Icelandic State to the USA.
    Rather than asking ourselves these kind of sterile questions we should be worried about how to be able to help.
    We are in front of a moral issue, rather than a political one.
    Critics to the Haitian government will not save a life. and will not make the Haitin government better.

    January 20, 2010 at 9:52 pm | Reply
  2. Nicola Lecca

    I am a big fan of Christiane Amanpour and i appreciate very much her style. However, what I would really like to see during her next program on Haiti is how much each nation is getting involved.
    I would like to see her interviewing different leaders from different countries, (not only the USA): asking them to explain what they are actually doing for Haiti right now and what are they planning to do in the future. It would be very useful, I believe, to ask them these question under such a spotlight.

    Mr. Nicola Lecca

    January 20, 2010 at 10:12 pm | Reply
  3. Stan Willmann

    The Haitian government has proven itself to be incompetent, choosing to hide from everyone instead of trying to do anything! I strongly propose that not one dollar of anyone's aid money be "given" to the government of Haiti! Our $3 billion "investment" in this country disappeared without a trace! Haiti needs buildings, roads, churches, water treatment plants, everything. I propose that all foreign countries "donate" these things instead of money. All projects should be managed by foreign construction companies but employing Haitian labor. Projects should be designed to be manually labor intensive to employ people. Pay them a "generous" wage of $10/day (5 times the average income). Build, build, build – put lots of people to work! This would boost their economy and help foreign construction firms recover. Buy NO Chinese materials!!! All materials should come from participating countries. Any government official who seeks to enrich himself through bribes and "permits" should be hung! Haiti does not need "democracy" and liberal welfare, they need buildings and jobs. The government should be suspended and put under foreign control. This is a chance for everyone to do something right for a change. Giving money is the worst thing that could happen!

    January 21, 2010 at 12:47 am | Reply
  4. Mohamed Farsane

    My plasure is to say Hello to Christiane Amanpour whom I appreciate watching on CNN.
    As an ordinary moroccan citizen, From Casablanca, Morocco, I do have a lot of consideration to you and to all the people for all the support bought to the haitian population and make the largest world population feel the CNN' s humanitarian actions for which I grant my deep consideration, while sharing the horrible moments they are supporting, close to the affected haitians, and living their undeavor.

    January 24, 2010 at 12:11 pm | Reply
  5. Stan Willmann

    Emergency aid to Haiti is getting underway. It takes time to solve all the logistical problems. Now we must all consider the next step!
    Again, I repeat, no money should be given to the Haitian government! The government is totally inept, incapable and corrupt! The government "officials" have chosen to hide from the world and their own people! The billions of dollars the US has "contributed" to supporting this government went where? No one knows!
    The government needs to be suspended and removed from the recovery efforts. The Haitian people don't need "democracy" and "welfare"! They need to be put to work to clear the rubble and begin rebuilding. The government of Haiti is NOT capable of managing this task! If the world chooses to rely on the government to manage this task, the results will be NOTHING! Money handed to the government will be diverted to officials' private accounts and the people will get nothing!
    Foreign companies must be employed to design and manage this enormous reconstruction. Work needs to begin immediately! Put Haitians to work now, under proper supervision and management! Here is a chance for the world community to get it right, for once! No one can afford to waste money, time and resources! Again, please do not "give" money to the Haitian government! It will do no good!

    January 24, 2010 at 2:21 pm | Reply
  6. Martha L. Baker

    This note is to Solidad O'Brien: I am interested in knowing the name of the little boy that was shown so much with the orphans that the two sisters from Pittsburg kept outside so caringly under the trees. In the group was a little boy named Alexander in a blue tee shirt who I understand was adopted by American parents. The child's name and picture that I would like to see was always in the forefront & upclose to the cameras in a yellow tee shirt. He was usually shown last at the end of the news piece. I am not interested in adopting because of age and circumstances, but the Lord keeps putting him on my heart, so I want to pray for him and have a picture of him. Also, what happened to him? Was he adopted? Thank you so much. Martha Baker

    January 24, 2010 at 8:25 pm | Reply

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