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January 27th, 2010
07:24 PM ET

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Amanpour viewers discussed the alleged absence of the government of Haiti while the country experienced difficulty trying to recover after the earthquake.  Many in the audience felt the government of Haiti’s “lack of action” to help their own, showed the indifference of the leaders to the citizens and some commented, “Has anyone seen their President? Is he still there?”  The few viewers that differed in opinion commented that while they felt the government of Haiti was not doing their best, they held hope so the leaders could step up and show the country they cared to help.

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  • According to a report on CNN, medical school is FREE in  Haiti....but too many doctors practice in the USA?? Why did they not go back to  their country and set up their medical practice there and help build hospitals  to help their people?? Why wait until a catastrophe like this happens? Why not give back to the country that gave you the opportunity to become a doctor?

Ayub Kiplagat

It is evident from this crisis where the problems of Haiti originate from. A failed government that cannot respond to the needs of its people.

Keira Rodriguez

No! Where have they been? Are they doing all their work behind closed doors? Why can't the president go out there w/ a bullhorn to assure his people that he's working on something, ANYTHING, to better their lives under these horrible circumstances? Do they have a plan in place? Working towards a plan? Who knows? They're hardly visible...

Matilda Clark

Has anyone seen their President? Is he even still there?

Darla St Clair Sycamore

No the Haitian government is not good their solution just throw their hands up they put in minimal effort. How can they be trusted with the reconstruction going forward? The country should be put under guardianship of the UN for 10 years. Local government could be elected.

Barnard Exaus

The Haitian government has done a dam thing because the mentality is always the same regardless who's in charge. Haiti needs a strong leadership who can lead the nation to a better tomorrow.

Ariran Abidemi Omowunmi

The haitian Gorvernment has not helped its people there is no comunication the people does not know what to do ,thats why most of them are moving out of the country.

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  1. Mrs Audrey Druce

    My only comments after all the wealth of comment from all media and those reading and watching the tv and radio coverage are as follows. 1. All the money generated to help the survivors should be carefully used by honest sympathetic and experienced coordinators to make the maximum difference to all who have and are suffering.
    2. I watched the coverage of the funeral of the Cardinal of Haiti and could not but think that those Haitian people who were present did not seem to be either suffering from lack of food, lack of water or clothes and seemed in a good physical state. Is this the difference of being one of the elite and not just a poor member of the public caught up in the disaster. Yes he lost his life but I dont know, may be I am just being very hyper critical ?

    January 27, 2010 at 9:08 pm | Reply
  2. Justin Nelson

    please show your video about the children orphaned in Haiti... It was so touching and concerning. I believe people should focus on this. Please, I beg of you and everyone, please help keep these kids safe and out of the dangers of those involved in the sex trade of children. Can the media please focus on the needs of these children? PLEASE! Let's get them aid as a top priority!

    January 27, 2010 at 9:36 pm | Reply

    Mrs Audrey Druce
    No you are not hyper critical, these are the people of the elite, to tell you, most of them are the government, who have Haiti wealth. to clear my point, and i am glad to see you can clearly see that. in 2004 US donated 24 million dollars for school, just school only, i am telling you this because myself i am waiting for the US and who ever else finish doing what they doing, to go after the government and the UN to find out where are the money goes too, if not in swiss bank. prior to the disaster. like i said Haiti will be free, but a lot need to be done. it is time. I am a us veterant, i got time and thought for Haiti, Haiti only, i am watching.
    May the Spirits Bless Haiti +++

    January 28, 2010 at 12:58 pm | Reply

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