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March 11th, 2010
10:10 PM ET

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Many Amanpour viewers drew parallels between the earthquake in Haiti and the reported violence in Jos. Some believed the “problem” was “broader than religion” and endemic to the country as a whole and most placed the blame on Nigeria’s leaders, and referred in specific to former President, Olusegun Obasanjo. Several viewers described his eight years in term as “corruption at its best!” Hopelessness and desperation described most commentary about the renewed “crisis” in Jos.

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Programming Comments

How long will religious crises continue unabated in nigeria while lies are being pedlled to cover up the truth? i am amazed by the claim that the root cause is "indigene-settler" dispute. i stand to disagree with that analysis. if we review most religious crises in northern nigeria, we see a particular ethnic group who are predominantly muslim wanting to impose themselves on others. there are many so-called settlers in jos (igbo, yoruba, etc, who have been in jos earlier than the hausas), but they have never rose up in arms against anybody. many of our homes & churches were burnt in the various crises in kano, bauchi, maiduguri, kaduna, etc. they refuse to give us land to rebuild the churches, cos it is "unislamic"...when it is convenient, they become indigenes, when it is not, they are settlers. *they call israelis settlers & palestinians "indigenes*". this is double standard. the late elkanemi of maiduguri while addressing a group of muslim/Christian leaders said on national television in hausa (nta news 9.00pm) on the 29th nov 2008, that the problem of jos had persisted since the era of the sardauna, cos the hausas want to take over the city. If these extremist tendencies are not checked nigeria may become another afghanistan and when it starts it will be difficult to curtail. let's stop deceiving ourselves (within and outside nigeria), that the crisis is due to indigene-settlership dispute, but rather a calculated attempt by a few elements to perpetuate their heinous schemes and they are inviting global jihadists to assist them!
Sam Nuhu
jos – Plateau state

Am a Nigerian living in the UK and a fan of Amanpour on CNN. Am glad that the Jos crisis is been featured tonight. Thanks.
Kind regards,

I'm dissapointed that in your documentary you used again an image from ITN's reporting on Bosnia, that has been repeatedly revealed as a gross fraud. Just google "ITN Bosnia" and you'll get this image of a refugee camp. It was so obviously not a concentration camp. There are several documentaries about this.

Story Ideas

To be fair, I did not see your entire segment on genocide. But based on what I did see, I doubt the conversation ever got around to discussing current situations that, if enough light were shed on them, might dismantle the frenzied societal buildings blocks which lead to genocide. Namely, the obscene legislation pending in Uganda's Parliament that would make it a Capital offense to be gay and provides for an assortment of draconian punishments for anyone who does not "turn-in" gay relations or other category of gay people one might happen to know. This is very "1939 Berlin" isn't it? Complete with the Vatican's refusal to condemn it. Why is the mainstream US media ignoring it? Are gay people leaving present day Uganda as the Jews fled Nazi Germany? Or are they watching in slow-motion horror....paralyzed by the notion that mass extermination of gay people there is eminent? I've always respected you as an honest broker of world news. This Ugandan anti-gay story has links that reach into the highest offices of the US Government. Please give it some attention on your show. Again, if you already have, I stand reproved, but please hammer away at it some more.
Walter – Los Angeles, CA

Email Comments

I seriously think that Yousef is still part of Hamas and converted to Christianity to gain admittance to the United States through the bleeding hearts that say "Oh look he changed to Christianity, let's bring him into our home and wash his feet. feed him and make him our own." Bullshit. I think that he is planning to conduct a suicide bombing by hisself when people start wanting to meet him or while he is signing books at a library one of Hamas' plants would enter like a normal citizen and boom there goes twenty or so Americans that will lite the fire of the anti-American radicals over there as well as over here. This type of attack would signal another round of Americans thinking that they were secure and safe from terrorists especially if the group of people killed were high profile celebrities or people of prominence. The American public would once again lose faith in their government leadership and call for a new president. Even though the loss of civilian life would be just as socking, the average citizen would still feel more secure knowing that it was a random attack instead of a localized or central attack on someone that has security systems in place whereas the average citizen does not. We know that the terrorists cannot beat the U.S. with a standing army, but what they can beat us with is subversion and covert op's style attacks not meant to destroy the infractructure of the country but by acting like they have changed will draw people to them that feel safe yet scared of these types of people. Basically they are looking for the confused citizens of this country that they can recruit and then brainwash these people into believing that since they are associating with a person from Hamas that they will be labeled a terrorist which will cause the person to side with Hamas based on the affects of associated paranoia where the confused person will flock to the Hamas leadership as being their savior. The ranks of the Hamas would then grow to the point of infecting the American government to the point of the American government being ran like a Hamas ran terrorist group. Then we would have a real problem where Hamas would be able to tap into the American economy to fund it's war against Israel as well as providing more sources of revenue for the Taliban in which to recruit and train terrorists all of which the American tax payer is funding. So the Amerian tax payer is creating their own revolving door by accepting Yousef's words as being true when he is nothing more then one of their best covert operation's specialist sent here to try and bring the country down from the inside on American at a time

Facebook Comments
Comments about “Nigeria to Tutu”

Percy Anokye-Boafo
obasanjo as an elder statesman of nigeria should get involved in finding lasting solutions to the carnage at Jos

Nnenna Micmartins
obasanjo failed us when he ruled for 8years, is it now that he will make a change? after all he accepted sharia that late Abacha and Babangida rejected and it was during his term that if you were a governor and you were not his friend your state will suffer and no alocation for your state. pls let him go and rest in his farm and let Nigeria be.

Oladun Oladiran Abellar
He (Obasanjo) was/is part of the whole problem.

JazzyJean Rey
Some questions that Former Pres. Obasanjo need to solidly answer:
1. Mr. Obasanjo, ARE YOU CORRUPT?
2. Did you sell the security of your fellow Nigerians, of all ethnicity ,religions, and linguistics to the West in exchange for profits/shares from liquid gold?
3. What can you conclude from the civil unrest that slaughtered hundreds of Nigerians ?...

ani Sabith Mikaila
I think Obj has played an important role in the last Crises in Jos, suprisingly it worked , with all stakeholders apprecieting the mitigation level used at that point in time. He initiated a state of emergency on the state because there is a believe by some parties that the Governor of the state is the main sponsor of the mayhem ,this is due to his hatred for the northern people that are lebelleled as settlers.

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  1. Pieter Reyneke

    Dear Christina,

    I have an uncommonly high regard for the journalistic integrity of CNN. You are one of the super stars, and Larry King my favorite host. CNN’s staff and reporters are excellent!

    I sometimes watch Fox for the entertainment value of the news reports. My American friends find Fox credible! If the average American is so ignorant, how can America be a leading world power? It seems the members of Congress are also not the shining stars they should be. Sorry to say this, but after reading my comments you might be able to understand my rudeness, and hopefully forgive me.

    My only hope is that you will investigate genocides in full and provide a balanced report. Your programs “Killing in God’s name” was excellent. Maybe you should remind us that we are capable of genocide.

    The American Foreign Relations Committee condemns Turkey for the genocide of the Armenians. I totally agree with this condemnation. The killing of one innocent person deserves to be condemned. It should be protested for days.

    One must be extremely careful with the word “genocide”. It seems that the accusers tend to ignore their own history. If you read the Bible, then the people of the Old Testament, today the people of Israel, perpetrated the first recorded genocide. The victims were the people of Palestine. The ancestors of the people of Israel were themselves victims of genocide by the Nazi’s .. Why do the Jewish people ignore the fact that the Nazi’s killed gays as well as Romany people? The denial of one group as victims is as strong as a total denial of the whole genocide by the Nazi’s.
    Kind regards,

    Pieter Reyneke
    Seoul, South Korea

    March 12, 2010 at 3:09 am | Reply
  2. Charles Abazie

    I think there is one element of surprise here, which is that former president Obasanjo`s opinion is seriously courted by the international media. How can this be?

    A man whose ruinous actions still reverberates 3 years after he descended from power, and whose utterances as a president left little doubt about his loyalty to the northern cabal should not be allowed to postulate on any serious matter affecting Nigeria.

    What happenned in jos was a big shame. I understand the army had prior intelligience about it and choose not to act. Again, shame on all of them.

    March 12, 2010 at 12:25 pm | Reply
  3. Yakubu MAGAJI , From Bauchi State- NIGERIA.

    Mosab Yousef.

    I believe and trust God that ,Mosab,did not just convert to christianity,but that a man who God has send to the muslim world to know that ,the Allah of Mohammed,is not the God of the entire world,but only for the muslim world. This boy can never and will never ever decieve the Americans for the sake of food,and later turn against the people of America,never,he is a God send man to the muslim world. If it is so,then he should know that, the true God of the whole world,can never be mocked at,for whatsoever a man sowed,that shall he also reap.
    So Americans, my advise to all of you is that you should all relax for God is in control of every situation of yours in America and the world at large.

    Yakubu MAGAJI
    Bauchi state-Nigeria.

    March 13, 2010 at 7:38 am | Reply
  4. Yakubu MAGAJI , From Bauchi State- NIGERIA.

    For OBASANJO of Nigeria, You dont talk of him again please.
    He is a complete reincarnation of Imam AYATOLLAH KHOMEINI,HITLER, ROBERT MOGABE,IDI AMIN,BIN LADIN ,THE DEVIL himself in disguise for Nigerians and particularly for the muslim North of Nigeria. swindled to power by the Northern muslim through corruption to implement their Sharia Law programme,that Babangida,Shagari,Sani Abacha,and Gen. Murtala could not accomplish it.He is the one that the god of Islam has chosen,OBASANJO is prophet Mohammed for the muslims in Nigeria.

    So forget about Nigeria my brothers and sisters,the land has been possessed now by the devil himself ,so nothing good will ever come out of Nigeria .

    Yakubu MAGAJI
    Bauchi state-Nigeria.

    March 13, 2010 at 7:58 am | Reply
  5. ayadgharbawi

    The problem of Nigeria is part and parcel of the fundamental problems sub-Saharan Africa is facing.

    If we are to discard Politically Correct talk, the problems are:

    1. Every African 'nation' are fakes in the sense that the people themselves cannot feel allegiance or find common identity with it.
    2. Africa will remained a hopeless continent (as the Economist famously put it) as long as their leaders plus their cronies continue to rule.
    3. Western aid needs to stop, just as an addict must now to given heroin/meth.

    Thus, sad stories in Africa like the Obasanjos and civil wars and entities like the wonderfully – if not surreally named – Democratic Republic of Congo will continue to exist and indeed, thrive.

    Ayad Gharbawi

    March 13, 2010 at 5:01 pm | Reply
  6. Regina Williams

    Enough words!! What has the government of Nigeria done in response to the massacres in Jos. What is the ultimatum against a repeat of such violence. What is the POTUS going to discuss with the visiting VP of Nigeria who has not as much addressed the recent massacre. I have been canvassing for a 10 point agenda from Nigerians in diaspora to be forwarded through you ( CNN) to the visiting president. We need a decisive response to this violence, an ultimatum against future such events or a serious consideration to divide the country.

    March 13, 2010 at 6:33 pm | Reply
  7. Regina Williams

    @ Chistine. How many more killings will it take for the systematic massacres to be labeled genocide? What does Nigeria have to give up to qualify for a "listen" by the international community ? Is this loud silence a silent prayer for the eventual unraveling of a nation that has largely been labeled "no good". The POTUS had promised positive interaction/relations with the African nations – his silence feels like a slap, whats more he is receiving and hosting the VP Mr Goodluck to what – another beer summit?

    March 13, 2010 at 6:43 pm | Reply
  8. Illegal Jewish settlements in Palestine

    I am disappointed with Amanpour...
    In her Sunday’s program about the Palestine Israeli conflict March 14 2010, it was evident that she was trying her best to avoid uttering the word “Palestine”. What made her position even clearer is that she called the illegal Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem “Domiciles”.
    Christiane, these illegal structures are called settlements and not domiciles. We have expected an impartial reporting from someone with your status. At least now we all know which side you are on.

    March 14, 2010 at 9:54 pm | Reply
  9. koffi desmond

    the ruwandan president has spoken well about his suport on human rights. but what has he and other african presidents ever done to show consern in human rights matters in other parts of africa like in Cameroon and Nigeria . Is this not important. because he has been on sit for over 15 years now.

    March 17, 2010 at 9:18 am | Reply
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