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April 6th, 2010
01:25 AM ET

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The Amanpour audience openly discussed some notorious world issues.  Chinese artist Ai Weiwei caused controversy and thought to be “disrespectful” to China according to some of the viewers.  Viewers felt that Weiwei “was lucky to be alive” according to the way he chose to continuously express himself.  Additionally, the conversation with actor Ben Affleck about Eastern Congo proved popular.  Viewers commented Congo needed public awareness.  Lastly, the Rwanda crisis continued to be of concern among the majority of viewers who felt President Paul Kagame “was the cause” of Rwanda’s “calamities.”  The minority thought Rwanda’s economy was recuperating and it would “come afloat eventually.”

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Dear Ms Amanpour,
I caught that interview with Al Weiwei.  You know HE (Al Weiwei) is without TRUST & REPSECT for his country & really teaches people to mis-behave! Really he is lucky to be alive and I am on the side of China here! If online advertising companies and other outsiders continue to allow others to show dis-respect where trust can not grow,  then peace can not be expected,  because of the CODEPENDENCY  that Al Weiwei shows,  not free agency like he claims!!!!!  Using free agency to the point of violence is not what this country is about and neither is China!  And will lose China....  Trust & respect Al Weiwei needs to show his country!
Bye for now,

Dear Amanpour
I would like to let you know that i really like your show. It talk about many conflicts around the world. Our world needs peace and as your show is focused on bringing light in to different conflicts around the world, therefore, i can call your show peace making show. I really love it. Today,i wanted to react about the conflict and genocide of D.R.Congo.On sunday,i watched your show and listen to Ben Affleck and differents people who reacted about congolese conflict.  If the actual regime of Rwanda has not yet changed it strategy in Congo,the east of Congo will still in trouble. Please Amanpour can you tell Kagame to have mercy on congolese people?, because they are also human being like him.

Amanpour Blog Commentary @

Charles K   April 4th
Christian, wonderful to mention about feedback from your audience regarding Rwanda crisis.  American and British goverments who hails Kagame's achievements should be made aware of the price ordinary rwandans (hutu tutsi alike) have to pay. The are the victims of unfair land expropriation campaigns that pave the way to the modern big buildings that are the landmark of the development in Kigali.

Mary   April 4th
Dear Amanpour, thank you so much for that interview with presedent Paul kagame on political rights.We hope next time you invite audiance so that we can contribute idea too.But the truth is that although Rwanda had achieved much ecomonic wise, the country still has long way to go when we talk of rule of law and freedom of speech.And it a concern of all Rwandese abroad and in the country, and many are worried that lack of these may affect the country's social and economic achievements.

Jean Matata   April 5th
Paul Kagame is brutal dictator. One day he will pay the price for his mass murder in DR Congo ( 6 million people killed) before the International Court of Justice. The war in DR Congo will end back in Rwanda where it started.

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  1. F1

    Was just wondering, did u see the leaked tape of the attack on the reporters in Iraq? Wonder if you would interview any of your country man concerning that attack in your program?

    April 6, 2010 at 5:23 am | Reply
  2. Annette Wyont

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    August 13, 2013 at 9:54 am | Reply
  3. Ed Zed

    I used to like Christian Amanpour, but her handling of interviews with Syrian govt. members was anything but even handed, verging on being a mouthpiece for the US government, pushing the case for a strike on Syria. Her line of argument stopped short of sounding like a direct threat. This isn't thought provoking journalism or asking the "tough questions". It's just plain churlish line towing. How delicately you inject your viewpoint when editorialising is testament to your skill as a journalist.

    It looks like someone righteously espousing an agenda without having thought for the bigger picture. Clearly an example of "celebrity" journalism and the upshot heavily "branded" news CNN puts out in the public sphere to steer public opinion.

    September 17, 2013 at 5:26 pm | Reply

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