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April 8th, 2010
05:47 PM ET

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The upcoming presidential elections in Sudan inspired the minority who spoke of hope for peace and disappointed the majority in the Amanpour audience, who felt there was “no political future.”  Russia continued to be discussed among others who fervently expressed their concern about the potential hazard that nuclear weapons represented to the world.  

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Email Comments:

Hello Christiane
Let us call it Nuclear Week because USA and Russia are going to reduce their arsenal. This week can become a historical one if a humane decision would be made for the safety of all of the people and not only for a few. Nuclear weapon use has a extraterritorial consequence. If one use it in Iran 16 countries which are border with it would be affected. If it is used against Israil several countries are going to be affected. These two locations are presently the focus point of discussion. But the problem is general and not particular.  My suggestion is to create an international guard for nuclear weapons. The guards should come from non-nuclear nations!  Nuclear terrorism must be considered not only from Muslim, Kurd, Indians, Paks, Jews,  Arabs, Blacks,.. or any stereotype; it should  rather include: America outlaws, European Fascists and so on. The International Nuclear Guard should have full access to deposits of arms and control of its expansion. A UN body without VITO right must have control over it.  Only in case that such body is formed and accepted by all nations I can feel safe in this world.
The Hague- Netherlands

Facebook Comments

Egwu Nath Sudan like many African countries have failed to show proper governance. I still see a selection/inconsistencies in the polls.

Adibe Raymond like most dictators in africa, i don't trust bashir to conduct a free and fair election. he is just trying to buy time and give himself so level of legitimacy. he has no business ruling sudan after all he has done and he should be made to face ICC for all his crimes.

Mustapha Oladimeji Rome was not built in a day. the fact that bashir is organising the first Multi party election is a step in the right direction

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  1. Lao Ramon

    It's great that the United states and Russia want to eliminate nuclear arms .but what would the world do when there are still going to be countrys like china Pakistan north korea and Iran who aint going to let them go ???????Do we just go to war???

    April 11, 2010 at 9:26 pm | Reply
  2. Elisha Ratemo

    I wont call the elections in Sudan as free and fair after all we have seen about oppression of opposition parties leading to their pull out. Bashir is trying to buy legitimacy and avoid the ICC. cooperation is needed here so that we can see he is apprehended for his attrocities. 3million darfuris are displaced and this translates to that very few were willing to vote. why would we have the ballots in arabic only knowing that the south, an english speaking region was mainly affected. the referendum is all that the world is watching for and lets hope that he will not have a hand in it since he is now going to declare himself president.

    April 14, 2010 at 9:47 am | Reply

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