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Tom's Take

April 12th, 2010
01:31 PM ET
Sr. Writer for Amanpour, Tom Evans, works on scripts with Christiane

Sr. Writer for Amanpour, Tom Evans, works on scripts with Christiane

NUCLEAR SUMMIT – Will nuclear summit in Washington succeed in uniting world against nuclear proliferation?

–       President Barack Obama hosts leaders from more than 45 countries for a two day nuclear security summit in Washington
–       Gathering is an unprecedented global effort to rally effort to secure vulnerable nuclear materials so they don’t fall into hands of terrorists or rogue states
–       Summit is the centerpiece of Obama’s efforts to prevent spread of nuclear weapons and technology

QUESTION:  Will world leaders, including Chinese President Hu Jintao, support U.S. efforts to introduce new sanctions against Iran to stop its nuclear ambitions?

NORTHERN IRELAND – How resilient are violent extremist groups trying to undermine peace agreement that brought an end to decades of conflict?

–       Car bomb explodes outside army barracks in the Belfast suburb of Holywood that is headquarters of British intelligence in the province
–       Bombing timed to coincide with formal transfer of judicial and police powers from London to locally elected politicians in Northern Ireland
–       Intelligence activities of MI-5 spy agency will remain under London’s control after devolution of police and judicial powers

QUESTION:  Will the violence of anti-British terrorists who have refused to accept the peace deal fracture the political consensus between former enemies in the British province?

SUDAN – Will first multiparty elections in more than two decades be undermined by allegations of fraud?

–       Confusion at some polling stations in southern Sudan as voters found their names were not on official lists
–       Some voters complained of complicated voting procedure and the absence of pictures of presidential candidates on voting forms
–       Powerful SPLM opposition group has boycotted many of races, saying the ruling National Congress Party of President Omar al-Bashir is trying to rig the poll

QUESTION: Will these elections pave the way for a successful referendum next year on whether the oil-rich south of Sudan will secede from Sudan?

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  1. Ashraf jamal from USA

    We need to keep the nuclear issues, live under skin, please don't forget two major is one Israel, the other is India, gives chill to the nuclear blowout when the twitter is iron hot from tweets. Lets look India, we drew, over billion customers, may bail us out, but forget it. Millions Indian lives in America, since 1800, still get there clothes, food and send all the live savings to India. Indians are not the melting pot, even marry in there own 13 major provisional. Indiahas 13 major languages, culture, color of skin, religion and consistently fight for separation. Bottom line is India will get separated in 13 countries, as Russia was divided in Eastern Europe. Now comes the Major question, where will be the nuclear arms will be distributed and the answer is the world is not safe with the nuclear arsenal in the hands of India.
    Israel is a better story, if the quarrel is resolved, the Middle east will be the best market for America, don't forget the Dubai is developing the best establishment with the help of Europeans, American and they are the best melting pot of the 21st century.
    Oh! Pakistan has the nuclear, is clear they are holding a tight rain, but disintegration of India may trigger unstable environment.
    Iran is the basically an alarming, nuclear development, we the Americans won't be able to stop the nuclear because Iran has the bomb and likely the Crusade will happen, and Armageddon is carved on mountains.
    We don't have no solution and nature will take care, and God willing will prevail.
    Will nuclear summit in Washington succeed in uniting world against nuclear proliferation? NEVER........
    Mark my Words..................................profit Eisa will be coming soon, thus the nuclear will play a major role as per revelation, and also per Muslim believe.
    Ashraf Jamal

    April 12, 2010 at 2:32 pm | Reply
  2. Luca

    This is a time of crisis and for the West and we must fight for our freedom and indipendence.
    Go America go.

    April 12, 2010 at 10:27 pm | Reply
  3. Sayan Majumdar

    An implicit consensus remains against proliferation of nuclear weapons as every sane nation is aware of the consequences of possession and proliferation of such devices in hands of rouge and failed States and subsequently in hands of terrorist outfits.

    To cite one example the day Pakistani nuclear arsenals will be in safe hands will be the day when United States grabs their hardware and launch codes. Wild rumours are afloat that it has already been partially accomplished.

    Then there are other areas of concern like North Korea, Iran and Syria.


    April 13, 2010 at 6:02 am | Reply

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