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Check showtimes to see when Amanpour is on CNN where you are. Or watch online.

The tragic story you may have never heard of

March 6th, 2013
10:51 AM ET

Morocco's untold story

Morocco responds to documentary

By Ken Olshansky, CNN

In the remote desert land on the northwest side of Africa, a nomadic people see their homes taken from them by an imperial power. Hundreds of thousands are driven away and forced to live as refugees.

It sounds like a story—but it’s real. This happened in the Western Sahara, a colony of Spain, one of the last colonies in Africa. In 1975 the Moroccans moved in, saying they were reclaiming a territory that had always been theirs. It is an important story that almost no one pays attention to or has even ever heard of.

The people who live there, known as the Sahrawis, were displaced. They now live under Moroccan rule in Western Sahara or in refugee camps in neighboring Algeria.

For years, they've said they're prisoners of a Moroccan occupation, living in dire poverty, sometimes thrown in jail, even tortured in their own country.

To break the stalemate over who controls the Western Sahara, the international community has called for a referendum, a chance for the Sahrawi to vote on independence. And even though Morocco agreed, more than 20 years later, the vote still hasn't happened. This terrible standoff also hasn't received much international attention.

But finally a spotlight is shining on this situation: Oscar-winning Spanish actor Javier Bardem has made a documentary film called "Sons of the Clouds: The Last Colony."

In the video above, Bardem tells’ CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that as a Spaniard he feels an obligation to set right the humanitarian crisis that his country left behind. Bardem was not able to get Moroccan officials to participate in the film, but in the second video above this story, Christiane speaks with Morocco’s Ambassador to the U.N.

CNN’s Meredith Milstein produced this piece for television.

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  1. Zahra Ramdán Ahmed

    As a woman citizen from Western Sahara, I would like to congratulate the greatest american journalist, Christiam Amanpour, for her professionalism and mainly for wonderful interview with the Moroccan Ambassador at the United Nations. Congratulations for your brilliant TV programmme and and thank you very much for making a TV programme on dear and loved country: Western Sahara which is ilegally occupied by the kingdom of Morocco an that is why known all over the world as the Africa´s last colony where a peaceful people is struggling for over 37 years ago fr freedom and justice and where the women are considered as an example of empowerment and equal rights in the arab and muslim world. Thank you once again for your programme because throght it millions and milllions of persons all over the world could see and know about the sufference and injustice is sufferring the saharawi people due to the ilegal occupation of the moroccan army. My best wishes: Zahra Ramdán ( and Blog in

    March 6, 2013 at 11:47 am | Reply
    • Kim

      Zahra, peuple of Sahara are ont peaceful as you prétend. The y are just manipulateur by Polizario André Algeria régime. These 2 make sahraoui believe that they can be the Koweit of Africa, this is why people like you and many Sahraoui want separation , but I dare you hi they are willing to fight for that. You know why? Because you guys you like to spend time drinking tea and waiting for welfare from Moroccan gov. keep dreaming my dear I can assure you that Morocco will never gave up its Sahara

      March 9, 2013 at 4:27 pm | Reply
    • Sami

      First and foremost is that the unknown Spanish actor should address the issue pertaining to the occupation of the Moroccan cities Ceuta and Melilla by his imperialistic government, then he can go and look into his own backyard and see what they are doing to the Basque before inventing and creating problems o others.
      Having said that, I would like to turn to Zahra and ask her to do something else with her life in her newly found country Algerai...

      March 9, 2013 at 5:10 pm | Reply
      • Brahim

        ' unknown Spanish actor' – LOL

        January 25, 2016 at 6:45 pm |
    • lamdamki

      western sahara is so proud of having a woman like you .... we got really tired of being ignored by the ARAB nations . once again many thanks to great and professionalb journalist christian amanpour

      May 12, 2013 at 10:26 am | Reply
  2. ZuhuurSm

    Very sad but not alone, it's hapening everyday in Palestine

    March 6, 2013 at 12:49 pm | Reply
    • Mo thifa

      Well said!
      When the UN will become a trust wordy organization and treat all equally including Palestinian rights, Morocco will start listening to their recommendations. I am not against Sahraouis becomming a free nation, but I want all Sahraouis to decide for their future and not only a minor faction (i.e., Polsario) that is manipulated by the Algerian gov. for Algeria's own territorial benefits: easy access to the Atlantic shores. When was Mr. Bardeem, his countrymen, Human right activists, and the rest of the world when the Western Sahara was occupied by Spain. Where was the UN? Where is the UN now regarding the Syrian situation with the Russians and Chinese helping Bashar "al kalb", the Palestine conflict...etc.

      March 8, 2013 at 5:55 am | Reply
  3. Alex Heslop

    If only the BBC would have the audacity to cover the plight of Africa's forgotten people. Good on you CNN

    March 6, 2013 at 5:01 pm | Reply
    • Ivan

      Seriously Alex? Did you use the BBC search engine before you wrote this absurdity? Have you listened to Radio 4 in the last six months? I can think of at least 3 times the BBC has covered WS stories since January. The day CNN or any other American news company teaches the BBC about an "unknown" global issue is the day we may as well all pack up and call it a day.

      March 30, 2013 at 11:18 pm | Reply
  4. Lhoussaine Hadi

    Polisario people are the biggest manipulators and they are trying their best to manipulate people who does not know about Morocco history.. Even Spain was Moroccan before.. The Sahara is Moroccan dozens of years ago..

    March 6, 2013 at 7:04 pm | Reply
    • Pepe

      hhhhhhhhhhhhhh u r a poor idiot

      March 9, 2013 at 12:59 pm | Reply
    • LSYS ry

      Take a history book and read... You might find out that you are the one wrong here. Morocco never had anything to be with Western Sahara and there are resolutions on the highest levels to confirm that

      March 9, 2013 at 1:12 pm | Reply
      • Ali


        March 14, 2013 at 1:34 pm |
      • helen richards

        Polizario has no root in the rigion and neither history. it was established during the conflict between Morocco and ALgeria in the 70. i have been trying hard to trace the history of this organization, amazingly the region where Polisario camping were a base for the Algerian in the past. I advice you to search more, you will be shocked for what you would find. if you disagree with me please provide proves for your claims

        April 18, 2013 at 10:34 pm |

    Why thos so called actor didnt speak about the use of Toxic gases in the North of Morocco just some years ago? I wonder how much he is paid by the Algerians. I also wonder he has not spoken to any Morrocan. I think here he apllied a headen Agenda of Algeria. The latter practices all the ways of torture on Moroccans on the camps of Tendouf but why he hasnt talked about it.

    March 6, 2013 at 7:44 pm | Reply
  6. Malainin

    Great piece! Thanks Amanpour for unveiling a story many people want to keep in the darkness!!

    March 6, 2013 at 7:48 pm | Reply
  7. Jamal Felhi

    I think that the Sahara issue can not be discussed without analyzing the conflict from its beginning, few years before the Green March which allowed Morocco to liberate it from Spanish occupation as a part of Moroccan territory. It is also important to see how Algeria of Boumediane and Libya of Gaddafi utilized the Polisario that both of theme create, armed and presented as movement of liberation in the context of the cold war.
    As, I appreciate the professionalism of Christiane Amanpour, I hope she will pay a visit in the region to see the reality in in the camps (Southwestern of Algeria) where people don't have any right of movement, of speech... people that nobody knows who they are and how many people are surviving there because, as of now, the Algerian authorities refuse to let the UNHCR take a census. She also will be the welcome in the Moroccan Sahara region.
    I am eager to see an Amanpour's report on the issue, I am sure it would be an impartial, professional and balanced one.

    March 6, 2013 at 8:01 pm | Reply
    • ahmadou ould elwali

      I agree with you Ms. Amanour must visit the refugee camps to see and feel the reality.
      I lived in morocco for years and I reiterated those false informations regarding sitatuation in western sahara and in the camps will not solve the conflict :
      whoever wants to leave the camps can do it without any restriction
      no right of movement or speech that is what we see in the part of WS managed by Morocco

      March 7, 2013 at 8:29 pm | Reply
      • Clarity

        Well, let's lay out the challenge should MS Amanpoor wish to take it, I suggest MS Amanpoor coordinate a joint visit with Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud (a figure in himself worthy of your immediate attention) so that he can also help guide her around the camps. With Mustapha Salma present (former police chief of the polisario – kidnapped to Tindouf and brainwashed as a child in the Cuban established revolutionary centers of indoctrination) the Polisario will not escape with their old, dirty tricks of taking outsiders to select camps filled mostly with tribesmen from Mauritania, Algeria and Mali!

        March 7, 2013 at 9:48 pm |
    • Maghrebi Libre

      The green march as you called it happened after the Spanish left, and not when they were there. Why dont you go liberate Sebta and Mlila if you can? hypocrites like your king. Stop opppressing the Sahrawis NOW NOW Liberate Western Sahara from Morocco colinialism. Listen to the UN resolutions

      March 10, 2013 at 8:16 am | Reply
      • lamdamki

        you're right in deed it's high time Moroccans knew the reality. the problem of Moroccans is that they believe in their fake Media to the extent that it is a QURAN for them.what about MLAILIA and CEUTA why don't they think of a second march as they did in 1975.

        May 14, 2013 at 7:22 pm |

    I think people hate Morocco for no reason. Spain want to make Morocco its little kid when ever Madrid says some thing Morocco has to acepte the order. An other point Sahrawi people are enjoying rights that people of rest of Morocco dont enjoy for example student have the right in free transportation when they want to move to other cities. The prices of goods are less than other parts. They have best jobs in the Kingdom. Where is Huamn rights Violation?

    March 6, 2013 at 8:09 pm | Reply
    • LSYS ry

      The latest thousands of pages report on human right violations for example can explain you that. There is not even universities in Western Sahara, what kind of students are you talking about?

      March 9, 2013 at 1:14 pm | Reply
  9. Mohsine Jbabdi

    Amanpoor, you have to learn first about History and The Kingdom of Morocco before trusting smugglers and anti-Moroccan opportunist. Have you ever heard about Allegiance ? For centuries there has been loyalty to Moroccan Kings from the tribes of the Moroccan sahara. At least, as a journalist having the opportunity to work for a such great channel, you have to be impartial in your comments. You learned that the sahara was a colony of Spain, good, but did you research what was the country the sahara was a part of before the spanish came ?
    The Sahara is Moroccan and will remain Moroccan.

    March 6, 2013 at 9:54 pm | Reply
    • ahmadou ould elwali

      false information wont resolve the conflict :
      In 1975, international court of justice has published its opinion that you can have access from this link

      allegiance rights differ from rights of sovereignty
      the court stated that the rights of allegiance were limited to certain tribes of WS
      morocco claims the WS on the sovereign rights of the 9th century, if we accept this law we must change a little bit the borders of today's world and lets begin by morocco wich was submitted under the roman empire and turkey must govern egypt greece and syria ... this is not the case

      March 7, 2013 at 8:51 pm | Reply
      • Clarity

        Also the dichotomy of bled-siba (country of dissidents) and bled-makhzen (country of authority) is proof in itself of the Moroccanity of the land. Bled-sida did not exist outside of a Moroccan context, we did not refer to lands known to be foreign as "bled-siba", this exists only within a Moroccan context and whilst the most powerful tribe in Saguia el-Hamra (the Tekna) was pledging allegiance (bled-makhzen) the tribesmen of the middle atlas were almost continuously part of bled-siba, surely then that makes the atlas mountains less Moroccan than the sahara! Of course it's absurd to even think so, because both are equally Moroccan. Similarly, we did not refer to the Egyptian tribes in the eastern part of the Great Sahara as sahrawi, but we used this only with regards to the Moroccan tribes in order to distinguish between ourselves (jebli, riffi, shleuh, etc).

        March 7, 2013 at 10:14 pm |
  10. angolano3000

    White skin people or Arabs came from arabia or middle to occupied north Africa centuries ago...they are invaders who need to leave or otherwise to respect the real owner of Africa, the Black African...

    March 7, 2013 at 7:50 am | Reply
  11. berber Sahraoui

    very simplist and naiv point of view of this pseudo-actor who wants some reconversion in the so called human rights actiity

    this issue is the complexiest and more unreolvables issues in the world,even the palestine probleme is a joke in caomparison

    morocco has very legitimate rights on the sahara,as it used to be occupied from 2 powers: france and Spain

    the latter has the nord(where they massacered the riffi people with gaz,a more dramatic and forgotten issue till now),and this strip called sahara,wich has political and administration ties with all sultans of morocco bevor the protectorat,like all regions moroccos

    the other factor is the context: the 70s and it´s marxist-leninists movements who were very activ in morocco at that time,and last but not least the algerian/libyan factor,who played very well the last card of the leftist students searching for revolutions like it was a mode in africa.

    please,bevor you ever talk about the sahara issue,don´t talk to an actor who has nothing but fis fame to show,no iltellectual and no neutral capacity to analyse the hole picture,specially a spaniard who as we know,don´t really like "morros" because morocco kicked them out of sahara with a pacific march

    it´s a psycholigical complexe of spaniards

    March 7, 2013 at 8:39 am | Reply
  12. Yassine

    I' m quite sure that some thing wrong in the pic of the supposed being Aminatou mistreated, the women is may be an Indian woman wearing SARI which is not a sahrain fashion even the face doesn't mush Aminatou's characteristics!
    Guys, CNN guys, not professionals as i can proof may be you are one more time you have been manipulated!

    March 7, 2013 at 8:53 am | Reply
    • Maghrebi Libre

      Yassine if CNN is not professional., maybe the Morccan media is more professional.

      March 10, 2013 at 8:17 am | Reply
      • Yassine

        That's right! Moroccan journalism is behind the sun because most journalist are "bac-letteraire" like you i presume! for your information i'm a sahrawi libre, i have never read that sahara was a country nor algeria or berberian-amazigh country before that spain and france occupy them, but of course Morocco yes! spanish people can confirm that.

        March 11, 2013 at 11:27 am |
  13. Piotr

    Let's get some things straight:

    Ms. Amanpour kept bringing up that Morocco for the past 20 years has refused to hold the referendum they had agreed to. In fact BOTH Morocco and the Polisario (the Sahrawis' governing body) have been blocking it, due to disagreement over who should compose the slate of eligible voters. For Morocco the reason is quite simple: they do not want to let go of the territory. For the Polisario, once their capability of waging an effective military campaign against Morocco ended by the late 1980s, their sole "raison d'être" was the political quest for their own Western Sahara nation. Should the referendum go against them, there would no longer be any reason for Polisario's existence, and no-one wants to simply vanish into the limelight. Who is right, who is wrong in the territorial dispute is not my point, but Ms. Amanpour should know better than to present just the one-sided view of some very handsome Spanish actor.

    Frank Ruddy ceased his direct involvement in the Western Sahara in 1994! That was still under King Hassan II, who, for better or worse, was a genial political schemer and who made the decision to take over the Western Sahara. To present Ruddy's 18-year-old impressions of what went on in the Western Sahara then (and granted, not all of it was "kosher") without any mention of the developments made in the last dozen years under King Mohamed VI, is frankly akin to yellow journalism. And where in the story, or the film, are the opinions of Christopher Ross, the current U.N. Envoy to the Sahara? Might that not be something more relevant, NEWSworthy to present?!

    Aminatou Haidar was blindfolded for 4 years in a row? And I presume her hands were tied behind her back for 4 years in a row so she couldn't take off the blindfold? Do we have any proof? Do we have any disclaimer in the report that this is what she claims but is unverifiable? Nope. Just accept it as her word.

    Incidentally, the correct pronunciation is 'sahrawee.' Just because Bardem and Ruddy are incapable of saying it correctly doesn't mean Ms. Amanpour shouldn't.

    BTW, I am not a Moroccan (nor a Sahrawi).

    March 7, 2013 at 12:45 pm | Reply
  14. mustafa jatri

    hola! como saharaui solo los invito como observadores, pueden visitar a los campamentos de refugiados y los territorios ocupados del sahara occidental, y entonces se desenmascaran los alauitas, por favor hagan esta investigación para saber lo que quiere el pueblo saharaui y cuanto sufre bajo la ocupación

    March 7, 2013 at 1:38 pm | Reply
  15. Omar A

    Amanapour's opening statement is so dotted with false facts and blunders that i am in awe. Bardem is free to say whatever he wants. Spain invaded the Sahara centuries ago as it did other parts of Morocco that are still occupied in 2013, yes 2013. Spain evacuated a region south of Agadir in 1963 called Sidi Ifni and evacuated the sahara in 1975. Spain left other parts of Morocco centuries ago such as Larache and whole chunks of Morocco's land in the 16th 17th and 18th century. Fair enough , one wd say, the Moors had invaded Spain in 711 and occupied it for an impressive 750 years.

    This CNN report is the outcome of letting hollywood roam free in a newsroom. Not too along ago CNN Becky Anderson spilled the same Bardem delicacies on tv viewers.

    Spain evacuated a region south of Agadir in 1963 and the sahara twelve years later in1975. Spain left other parts of Morocco centuries ago such as Larache and other vast stretches of land in the north and south of Morocco. The story that few people know about is that the Last Colony in Africa , dear Amana, is Ceuta and Melilla, occupied 500 years ago by Spain, on the mediteranean shores in northern Morocco

    May be next time Bardem is out canvassing the ladies in CNN newsroom, someone should ask him to go free the Moroccan people enclaved in those two Spanish colonised cities HIS country occupies. The Last Colony of Amanpour is a tragedy for historians and a snack for lay viewers. After all history cant also be sensationnel.

    March 7, 2013 at 2:22 pm | Reply
  16. younes

    i,m just wondering witch kind of double morale get thos spanish, many islands in the moroccan cost are still occuped by spain and still 2 towns melilia and ceuta inside of morocco are occuped to, this idiot actor is pretending the support of freedom when his country is dtill occuping their neighbours since 1550.or instead of supporting the siparatist in south of morocco he can supprt the basc in north of his countryor in catalonia , that,s real double morale they want big country and united with big europe but not for us to be easier for them to swallow us.

    March 7, 2013 at 2:35 pm | Reply
    • Hacene

      LOL ..The reason it's because people of Mlilia and the other Spanish controlled cities in Northern Morroco have Spanish nationality, use EUROS, and so on! The point, sir, is that we would never be a part of Morroco, a pimp King who rules with utter dictatorship: Spain gives us everything!

      March 25, 2016 at 2:03 pm | Reply
  17. From Rif to Western Sahara

    Congratulations dear Ms Amanpour. CNN is more transparent than french TV about issues concerning the autocrat Mohammed El Alaoui. Actually it still exists a propinquity between french government (from socialists to conservative parties) and the Makhzen, the local repressive system.
    France haven't understood the tunisian's lesson and is more and more criticized
    Unfortunately the people spring doesn't append yet in this area.

    March 7, 2013 at 3:07 pm | Reply
  18. nawfal

    dear Amanpoor. I was really disappointed after watching your programme mainly because of its lack of any objective historical or present relevence to the truth .Your guests didn't bring any credible or instructive contribution to the subject matter. all the questionned guys are biased and prejudiced by some narrow and selfish interests.This is a Moroccan land still disputed by Spain and Algeria for strategic and settling scores reasons.And I want to tell Mr. Oscar-winning Spanish actor Javier Bardem that artists should defend the cause of unity peace and tolerence not stand up for the culture of separatism and indepentism and war.Your ancestors' greed ,ignorance and hatered caused much damge to Morocco and here you are following in their footsteps.We Moroccans brought your country civilization and you thanked us with hatered and evil.But it's in your genes I guess,grandsons of ESABELLA...Finally,we the Moroccan people are the ones who have the last word in this story not the Monarchy nor the so-called Sahrawis nor the Aljerians,the Spanish the Un or the international community or anyone else.We the Moroccan people know that this is our land and those who contest this fact bring it on and we will see....if you want to get what I say I invite you to read Moroccan and peace..

    March 7, 2013 at 4:16 pm | Reply
  19. Rbati

    As a respected journalist, one would expect higher standards from you. Whatever happened to fair and balanced. Your interview was the perfect example of a journalist being so mesmerized by an Oscar winning actor that she or he forgets to ask the hard questions. You certainly did a much better job on Ahmadenajad. The voice mail was such gimmick: “The number you are trying to reach in unavailable, please call again” is that really how you are supposed to sway public opinion?! This is really worthy of the Daily Show. Did you bother to look that rights of these refugees within these camps in term of free movements? They certainly can move as they please in Morocco. Have you looked at kidnappings and disappearances of opponents in Tindouf? How about the use of rape as an intimidation tool by Polisario? What is the role of Algeria in maintaining the conflict to serve its military superiority in the region? Have you looked at the children forced to leave their family to get indoctrinated in Cuba Marxists ideals?
    I’m not sure if you have noticed, the Sahara neighborhood is not exactly Park Avenue. America supports Morocco because we don’t need another lawless land in Sahara, look no further than Mali and Somalia.
    And please Morocco, get a better spoke’s person.

    March 7, 2013 at 5:02 pm | Reply
  20. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    Dear Amanpoor, I am writing here on behalf of the unionist western saharawi who represent the majority in the region. You missed the genesis of the Western Sahara Territory issue in a context of cold war, you will certainely miss the reality on the ground. You are unfortunately promoting unintentionally the Algerian thesis on the issue. First of all, it's not about decolonization. It's about separatism in a context of cold war. The founders of the Polisario Front backed Algeria were all studying in Morocco in the 70'. Before getting in Algeria, they had moroccan citizenship. Many of them returned back to Morocco after the end of the terrible war held between Morocco and Algeria & Polisario milicia from 1979 to 1991. FYI, the ambassador of Morocco in Spain (M. Ould Souilem) was a minister adviser of the Secretary General of Polisario Front. He returned back to Morocco in 2009 as 7000 saharawi did between 1976 and nowadays...The war ended in 1991 as the Soviet Union block. Then, Morocco accepted the principle of referendum but Morocco and Algeria never agreed on the list of voters. Morocco accepted Backer Plan 1 but Algeria refused it. Then, Morocco rejected Backer Plan 2 while Algeria agreed on it. The two parties (Morocco & Algeria) never agreed on the definitive list of voters. As saharawis were living all over the country,it was fair enough to include these saharawis on the voters lists. Ruddy's words are wrong and incomplete. In the other part, you should investigate how Algeria populated Tindouf gulags from 1976 till nowdays. You also should ask M. Bernard Kouchner, the former French MFA and also a former Doctor without Borders in Tindouf gulags in 1976. He stated that "Polisario Front is a creation of Algeria"...Dear Ms Amanpour, don't be under the spell of the victim because in that particular case the supposed victims are liars, torturers and killers. People living in Tinduf gulags in Algeria are encircled, they can't move without the consent of the Algerian militaries. They are retained to justify the state claim. Children are indoctrinated to maintain the hate of Morocco. Some lucky official childrens are sent abroad during holidays seasons to propagate the Algerian thesis on the issue instead of enjoying holidays. The situation is unbearable and you are attacking Morocco without taking into account the situation on the ground and the role of Algeria in that absurd conflict separating the same families and the same tribes. To be fair enough, you should talk to the unionist western saharawi in Morocco. There is an official body representing the tribes of the Western Sahara Territory welll known by its French acronym CORCAS. Go through their 6 websites to see what is really going on. Try to talk to their official reresentatives ? Did Javier Bardem ask to talk to one of them, I don't think so ! In the end, the Western Sahara Territory is initially a decolonization issue between Morocco and Spain longer before the establishment of Polisario Front. The decolonization process of Morocco starting in 1956 was troubled by Algeria for some reasons. One of them is the war of sand held in the 1963 where the Moroccan army was far from Algiers about few kms. The second reason is that Algeria is willing a free access to the Atlantic sea to export minerals to the US and South America. The third one is the will of Algeria to establish a micronation like the Syria/Lebanon model in that part of the world to ensure its hegemony. Algeria has a very dark vision in this part of the world. We have seen its results in Mali.

    Dear Amanpour, we the unionist western saharawi are proud to belong to Morocco as our ancestors. We don't want to belong to Algeria because Algeria mislead our people with a revolution dream which will never happen. Last but not least, the unionist western saharawi has nothing to do with Aminatou Haidar simply because she isn't originally from the disputed region. Aminatou as Polisario Front leaders have never been the voice of the Western saharawi. Aminatou and Polisario Front are the Last calumny in Africa.


    Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad
    Unionist Western Saharawi – Internet activist

    March 7, 2013 at 5:45 pm | Reply
    • Brahim

      Hello Ahmed,
      You are a very good liar. I live in El Aaium and you do not represent me nor any Sahrawi I know. You were bought by Morocco. We may not have much but at least we have self respect. Something you cannot get by taking Moroccan money.

      January 25, 2016 at 6:39 pm | Reply
  21. Yahaya

    I am living in Saharawi Refugee camps since 1975. I continue to stay in this camps under hard condition but with dinity and respect. The reason to stay in this capms for about some 37 years to figth for independence of my country. my people now is more determinant than before to continue strugle to free western sahara.
    The marocain are saying that people in ocupayed Western Sahara are happy with Marocain!, and also they are saying that Saharawi Refugees in Algeria are also supporting them!. So the my question why marroco is not allowing UN to orgonize referendum? so if he beleive in what he saying he will win this referendum.
    It is cleare enouph that morocco will lose refrendum because saharawi people will vot for indepence.
    During cold war morocco was saying that polisario is comunist to gain the support of USA and Europ and now is saying that polisario is terrorist to gain USA and Europ support. I think it is time of truth. Mr. Barden is sayin the truth and Ms. Amanpour as professional journalist and free woman will be always in the side of truth.
    Mr. James Baker was in the side of truth and Mr. Bolton and Frank Rudi and Mr. Ross all of them got problem with Morcco because they are saying the truth.
    Morocco attaqued Kerry Kenedy because she is saying the truth.
    Morocco has problem with more than 85 contries in the world because they are saying the truth.
    Morocco dicided to withdraw from African Union because is saying the truth ...
    Morocco is not accepting that human rigth in Ocupayed Western Sahara should be monitored because NGOs and Human right organization will tell the truth.
    Morocco is not allowing journalists to visit Ocupayed Western Sahara because they will tell the truth ...
    Morocco is not allowing UN to organize referndum in Western Sahara because he knows that people of Western Sahara will tell the truth: ¨We are not Marocain and we will vot YES independce Western Sahara¨.

    March 7, 2013 at 7:15 pm | Reply
    • Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

      Yahaya, the same algerian style to deny the existence of the unionist western saharawi. You started by diverting the sens of resolution 1514 then counteract the decolonisation process of Morocco then the creation, the militarization and the founding of Polisario Front as well as many supporting organization around the world to spread the algerian thesis. You recruit many young people in universities around the world, you put forward victimization and allegations regarding human rights in Morocco while people are resigned in Tindouf gulags and everywhere in Algeria because of torture and oppression. Stop it and return back to reason. The cold war ended in 1991 and nothing can stop the reconciliation processus initiated by the unionist western saharawi to join families in the western sahara territory. The world has to know that the inhabitants of Tindouf gulags in Algeria want to return back to their homeland. The state claim is the will of Algeria to make down Morocco.
      God bless all those without voice in Tindouf gulags.

      March 8, 2013 at 5:26 am | Reply
  22. Yahaya

    thank you Ms. Amanpour.

    March 7, 2013 at 8:00 pm | Reply
  23. THI

    No need to play it a scene. Ask the the history , it will tell you that Sahara is Moroccan dozens of years ago..

    March 7, 2013 at 8:32 pm | Reply
  24. lehcen

    This actor is a hypocrite. Need I remind him that his country is occupying two Moroccan cities? Sebta and melilia have been under occupation for over 400 years. Or maybe talk about bombarding the defenseless
    Population at the rif with chemicals which caused so many deaths and many suffering from cancer?

    March 8, 2013 at 12:51 am | Reply
  25. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    To all those who want to know another version of the Western Sahara Territory issue, please visit the websites of the unionist western saharawi : – political affairs of the Western Sahara Territory – go through Sahara History menu to know the history of the issue – some facets of the Western Sahara Territory culture – videos of the significant cities of the Western Sahara Territory – the economic development of the Western Sahara Territory from 1975 till now – the social development of the Western Sahara Territory from 1975 till now – web TV of CORCAS (videos translated into english)

    You can also watch live broadcasted Laayoune TV program online. It starts at 22h GMT. There are many interesting programs relating the life of the western saharawi in the Western Sahara Territory far from the usual propaganda of Algeria and its sponsored fellows around the world.

    God bless the Western Saharawi, the unionists, those without voice in Tindouf gulags in Algeria and the diaspora.

    March 8, 2013 at 6:38 am | Reply
  26. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad – go through Sahara History menu to know the history of the issue (SORRY !!!)

    March 8, 2013 at 6:39 am | Reply
  27. Yahaya

    Mr. Ahmed Salem amr KHadad.
    If you are realy Saharawi we have no problem with you and we respect what so ever opinion you do have. I you are from marocco people we also have no problem with you. Our batlle is not against you, and not against marocain people. we are fighting against morcain ocupation to our country. We are asking UN to organize free, faire, and dimocratic referendum in which the Saharawi People should have the right to dicid the future of their country. Polisario is accepting that voters can chose betewen three options in this refrendum: Independence, Integretion, Autonomy. So if you are not agree for independence option, so you can compaign for one of the tow other options. I will support independence and I strongly beleive we will win referendum. So we have to be dimocratic and every one of us should accept the opinion of the other one. let us accept the result of the coming refrendum. let us work hand in hand to build independent western sahara. let us create a good model of country which respect human right, dimocracy, freedum of spech, woman right.
    You have to be realistic and not only coping what marocain government agency of press is saying.
    When human right organizations reporting about human right violations and turture in western sahara, morocco government protest against algeria.
    When congress man in USA supporting self dtermination to saharawi people, morocco protest against algeria.
    When Journalist tell the truth about Western Sahara cause, morocco protest against algeria.
    When Europeam Parlement vot for resolution to support self determination to Saharawi People, morocco protest against algeria.
    When Swedish parlement asked his governement to stablish diplomatic relation with Saharawi Republic, morocco protest against algeria.
    When African Union accept the admition of Saharawi Republic, morocco protest against algeria.
    When all states in the world dicided not to ligitimate morocco ocupation, morocco protest against algeria.
    May be tomorrow if it will not rain in morocco, morocco will protest against algeria.!
    If you quip saying that we are morocain that will not change any thing in truth.

    March 8, 2013 at 6:49 am | Reply
  28. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    If I may a shot comment on Aminatou Haidar case. In fact, she suffered from the years of lead in Morocco as many other moroccans all over the country. As Ambassador Loulichki said, she was compensated as all those who suffered from oppression during the dark period of Morocco (from the 70' till the middle of 90') without any distinction. When she talks about her imprisonment in the 80', she doesn't mention that she was on jail for her extreme left ideas not because she was claiming separatism in the Western Sahara Territory. This claim comes to her mind longer after her release from prison. Her non spontaneous picture taken in 2005 after social riots in Laayoune city says a lot about her actual mood. Despite the compensation and the monthly wage (without any presence at workplace) given to her by the Moroccan administration, she is actually sponsored by Algeria to spread separatism in the Western Sahara Territory far from any human rights consideration. Her "fight" is definitely political. It's becoming her business to get awards When she was on demonstration in Lanzarote a few years ago, nobody was supporting her in the Western Sahara Territory simply because she has never been the voice of the unionist western saharawi as she is originally far from the disputed region. Human rights is a noble cause. Human rights defenders should be honest and committed in good faith. You should have interest of saharawi women working to improve human rights in the Western Sahara Territory without claiming separation!! those are real human rights activists.

    March 8, 2013 at 7:14 am | Reply
  29. Yahaya

    Mr. Ahmed salem amr Khaddad.
    If you are a gentleman, you should not speak about minetou, she is fighting for all of us, and she is representing a good ambassador to defende human right and freedom, defefend dinity of our people. you are living in better condition thanks to the strugle of Aminetou. If you are a gentleman you have to hid your face when Minetou is speaking. We have a femous saying ¨ if do not shame you can eat as maximum you can do¨.
    CORCAS is morocain security made and all other ¨asociations¨ you mentioned their websites.
    All web sites you mentioned are payed by morocain sicurity agency (DST).

    March 8, 2013 at 12:07 pm | Reply
  30. ahmadou ould elwali

    the ambassador said "including Aminatou haidar, she got 60K dollars in terms of compensations"
    yes she got 60K " morrocan dirhams" what is only 6K dollars, i saw the check on morrocan TV in 2009

    March 8, 2013 at 12:37 pm | Reply
    • Clarity

      Shameless Polisario schemers. Aminatou Haidar received 45000 euros, which today is roughly $60000.


      After watching the video and how deceitful the Polisario are, look again at the picture of Aminatou Haidar (if that's even Aminatou Haidar) and tell me if you actually see any visible bruising or cut. I just see "blood" smeared all over her face and neck, and there are plenty of pictures of other Polisario manipulators in which the smears (often with visible finger traces) expand the longer their photoshoot goes on.

      For example, this:

      To this:

      March 8, 2013 at 2:09 pm | Reply
      • Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

        Thank you so much for this video. The intellectual misery of Algeria and its sponsored relays around the world has no limits. What is really amazing is that even the fabrication aspect of the Western Sahara Territory issue since 1976, some people in the West are still supporting the political trickery of Algeria and its sponsored fellows around the world. How could that be? Is it about oil/gas money? is it about stupidity or is it about intellectual dishonesty?

        March 8, 2013 at 2:47 pm |
  31. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    Aminatou Haidar is working for her own. She isn't working to improve our daily life. She is working on getting awards and money for her own. There are so many women working to improve the daily life of the western saharawi in good faith without spreading the algerian thesis on the Western Sahara Territory issue. "CORCAS is a moroccan security..." Are you serious ? Do you know that the father of Mohamed Abdelaziz the SG of the algerian Polisario Front is member of Corcas. Do you know that the Secretary General of CORCAS was among the founders of Polisario Front. He was a classmate of Mohamed Abdelaziz in Rabat. He was also among those who were tortured in Tan-Tan in 1972 but he didn't get in the Algerian side as Al ouali and Mohamed Abdelaziz did...You have no idea about the real story.

    March 8, 2013 at 2:13 pm | Reply
    • suissi

      j never known a hypocrite like you .you damaging the image of the two sides.this is not 'goud'.

      March 8, 2013 at 8:33 pm | Reply
  32. Yahaya

    Mr. Ahmed Salem Amr khaddad!
    The president of what called CORCAS never been POLISARIO member. During spain conolozation (1975) he creat pro spanish party in Western Sahara to confront POLISARIO Front, a liberation movement created in 10 may 1973 to fight for independence of Western Sahara. After Spanish left the territory he joined morocco.
    CORCAS has been created by morocco security as a tentative to gain support of Saharawi People. CORCAS members has been chosen without consultation with them. many of them they were put in list without giving them any rol to play. only the president who has been given a very lmited roll to some propoganda for morocco.
    Shame to you to speak about Minetou like this. You are not realy Saharawi. You are payed to play this very dirty roll.

    March 8, 2013 at 3:59 pm | Reply
    • Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

      That simply means that Polisario Front leaders have never been the representatives of the Western Saharawi. FYI, there were two groups of young saharawi in the 70'. Those who were in Rabat (Al Ouali, Mohamed Abdelaziz..., The SG of Corcas) and the group of Madrid. Some of the group of Rabat stayed in Morocco instead of getting in Algeria in a context of cold war. The members of the group of Madrid returned back to Morocco as a logical end to the departure of Spain from the Western Sahara Territory.
      Corcas members represent all the tribes of the Western Sahara. They all have duties as MPs in the Moroccan parliament, governors, ambassadors, local officials, civil society...CORCAS is a council. It's not an administration with a specific organization. There were many socio-economic sessions where many problems were discussed and submitted to the central government to improve the daily life of the inhabitants of the Western Sahara Territory. CORCAS members elaborated the autonomy proposal that was submitted to the UN as the Moroccan proposal to grant autonomy to the Western Sahara Territory. The president of Corcas is the official spokesman of this body.
      The difference between you and me is that I am western saharawi, you aren't. You are spreading allegations and lies since 1976 to make trouble in the Western Sahara Territory. You are spreading fake human rights abuses as if police forces are behind every western saharawi...come on! You should say to your commanders that's enough. The cold war ended in 1991.

      March 9, 2013 at 1:30 pm | Reply
  33. farid

    you can ask mr Javier Bardem to go te his country to give us seuta and melilia first befor he talks about sahara

    March 8, 2013 at 5:38 pm | Reply
    • kc bargach

      what about all andalucia?? Rarnata (Granada) Ichbilia (sevilla) Al ghojirat (Algegiras)...

      March 9, 2013 at 9:06 am | Reply
  34. hakim

    Hello, First of all i would like to Congratulate the journalist for her great interviews, Amanpour Made no mistakes she invited two people from different views or side of the matter, the only thing i could say that i wish if the side of the "polisario" would be someone from the people themselves not some spanish guy who made couple of movies and though he could change the geography of countires, To his knowledge the last colonies not colony (singular) as he like to name it. Are Ceuta and Mellila in the north of Morocco occupied by his country spain, And before he supports people that he doesn't know anything about their culture their religion and their language he probably should have supported the Catalans and the basques who are fighting his Government for their independent, Your interview was good but Shame on the Moroccan Ambassador who came to the interview not ready and with no idea of what the movie was about! in the end i would like to ask Mr bardem to start searching for better resources for his information as i think he rushed into taking a side in about 2 years and the problem is almost 60 years old even older than him and about a country that exists for more than 1300 years under the name of Kingdom of Morocco.

    March 9, 2013 at 2:44 am | Reply
    • Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

      More, he spreads sometimes that they are about 200000 people encircled in Tindouf gulags and sometimes 300000!!! He has no idea on the right figures. well, nobody has an idea as Algeria has been blocking the population census of Tindouf gulags inhabitants since 1976. The sole right figures we had actually is the statement of Amb. Ould Souilem, the ex Polisario official and the actuel ambassador of Morocco to Spain, he stated to the Spanish newspaper LA RAZON that they can't be more than 50000 people in Tindouf gulags.
      Bardem has an approximative approach to treat the issue. I wonder his aim or goal to set up an unbalanced film. That is not the best way to join families in the Western Sahara Territory. Bardem is willing to maintain the status quo!!! He is really bad to the western saharawi cause.

      March 9, 2013 at 1:44 pm | Reply
  35. sahrawi

    Greeting struggle of the Saharawi people

    March 9, 2013 at 12:21 pm | Reply
  36. Ma al-'Aynayn

    Mohamed Mustafa Ma al-'Aynayn (c. 1830–31 in Oualata, present-day Mauritania – 1910 in Tiznit, Morocco; complete name Mohamad Mustafa ben Mohamad Fadel Maa al-'Aynayn ash-Shanguiti Arabic: محمد مصطفى بن محمد فاضل ماء العينين الشنكيطي‎) was a Sahrawi religious and political leader who fought French and Spanish colonization in North Africa. He was the son of Mohammed Fadil Mamin (founder of the Fadiliyya, a Qadiriyya Sufi brotherhood), and the elder brother of shaykh Saad Bouh, a prominent marabout (religious leader) in Mauritania.
    Contents [hide]
    1 Early years
    2 The anticolonial revolt
    3 Defeat of Morocco and Final years
    4 Legacy of Ma al-'Aynayn
    5 See also
    6 References
    [edit]Early years

    In 1859, Ma al-'Aynayn (a name he received as a child, meaning "water of the two wells/eyes" in Arabic) settled in the oasis of Tindouf in present-day Algeria. The son of a famous Marabout, he quickly became known as a great scholar. His nomadic encampment attracted many students of Islamic law. In 1887 he was appointed as Caid of Tindouf by the sultan of Morocco Hassan I.
    In 1898, Ma al-'Aynayn began building a Ribat in Smara, in the Spanish Sahara (present-day Western Sahara). His goal in creating the Ribat, which was previously just a water center for travelers, was to launch attacks on European colonial forces and particularly the French. The Moroccan sultan Abdelaziz assisted him in building the Ribat, as he sent craftsmen, materials, financing and arms, and also appointed him Caid. In 1902, he moved there creating among other things an Islamic library.
    [edit]The anticolonial revolt

    Increasingly disturbed by Western penetration of the area, which he viewed both as an intrusion by hostile foreign powers and as a Christian assault on Islam, he began agitating for resistance. Local Saharan tribes performed ghazi raids against the foreign forces, but French troops drew ever closer, conquering one local ruler after another. In 1904, Ma al-'Aynayn proclaimed a holy war, or jihad, against the colonizers. He proclaimed that the trab al-beidan (a desert area that includes today's Mauritania, southern Morocco, Western Sahara and large swaths of northern Mali and southern-western Algeria) was under the Sultan's rule[citation needed]. The Sultan of Morocco did not have direct control over Ma al-'Aynayn's forces but this display of effective cooperation helped assemble a large coalition of tribes to fight the colonizers. Ma al-'Aynayn set about acquiring firearms and other materials both through channels in Morocco and through direct negotiations with rival European powers such as Germany[citation needed], and quickly built up a sizable fighting force. A member of his Gudfiyya brotherhood in 1905 may have assassinated Xavier Coppolani, who was leading the French conquest of Mauritania, thereby delaying the conquest of the emirate of Adrar for a few years.
    [edit]Defeat of Morocco and Final years

    In 1906 the Sultan Abdelaziz ratified the Algeciras Conference, granting colonial powers substantial concessions over Morocco, Ma al-'Aynayn's deemed this a betrayal, and supported in 1907 the Sultan's brother and rival Abdelhafid (at the time opposed to the French). The flow of arms from Morocco dwindled as a result. The French forces under then-colonel Gouraud pushed forward in the French Sudan, and Ma al-'Aynayn was forced to retreated to Tiznit (Morocco) in 1908-1909 determined to fight along Abdelhafid in dethroning his brother, which they succeeded in doing. Around this time, he proclaimed himself Mahdi in Tiznit.
    In 1910, anarchy spread through Morocco, as the new Sultan grew ever weaker under European pressures. Ma al-'Aynayn, concerned that Morocco would fall in European hands, decided to extend Jihad north of Tiznit at the head of an army of 6,000 men to overthrow the new Sultan Abdelhafid. He was defeated by French General Moinier, on June 23rd, 1910. He would die several months later at Tiznit, on October 23rd of the same year.
    [edit]Legacy of Ma al-'Aynayn

    A few years after Ma al-'Aynayn's death, his son El-Hiba, known as The Blue Sultan, continued the war against the French, but was ultimately defeated.
    Ma al-'Aynayn enjoyed tremendous prestige and his name is invoked by both the Morocco and the Polisario Front. For Moroccans, he embodied the idea of unity of Morocco and the Sahara. Many descendents of Ma al-'Aynayn hold high profile offices in Morocco as well as in the Polisario Front and in Mauritania.
    Ma al-'Aynayn, is buried in Tiznit, Morocco where his tomb became a pilgrimage site.

    March 9, 2013 at 4:00 pm | Reply
  37. Ma al-'Aynayn


    March 9, 2013 at 4:10 pm | Reply
  38. Ma al-'Aynayn



    March 9, 2013 at 4:13 pm | Reply
  39. Ali

    Dear Amanpour,

    Thank you for choosing this unknown issue and for your williness to listen to both visions. Nevertheless, this is quite a tricky question which requires a deep knowledge of the history and culture of the region, which very few people in West have. Bardem is definitely not one of them. Not to mention his clear position in favour of Polisario and Algeria thesis, he dears to talk about hundreds of thousand of refugees in Tinduf, whilst different reports show they are some few dozens of thousands. He talks about people killed and jailed everyday, whilst he knows very well that activists like Aminatou Haydar or Tamek have freedom of speech and movements and live in Laayoune, receive international organisations, diffuse their thesis in the press... I recognise that Morocco made mistakes in the past but now the picture is different.

    there are nomad Sahrawis in very few numbers in all the countries of the North of Africa, from the Nil to the Atlantic Ocean. No one cares about granting self-determination to the Sahrawis of the other parts of the Sahara but in Morocco. Why? Because Spain has colonised the Sahara during 80 years? Would that be enough to create a nation? It seems that international law allows the colonial powers to define the borders and the future of the countries that they have occupied, and thus we Moroccans must accept that France and Spain define our territory. This is not fair.

    The question is tricky because if we did admit a new country in Western Sahara for 100,000 inhabitants, or even 200,000 to be generous, how would they rule a desert of 300,000 square Km? And how would they secure it? Will Javier Bardem guarantee Morocco the security of his new borders with the new republic? Will Javier Bardem help Morocco recover souverainty over the Spanish colonies INSIDE Morocco (Melilla, Ceuta and Nediterranean islands)?

    Dear Amanpour, please visit Western Sahara and the camps and let us know your opinion after. We Moroccans are open to our brothers in Tinduf and invite them to think in building a complementary force with us, instead of dreaming of a country they cannot rule. The autonomy proposal is very open but Polisario has never dared to negotiate it's conditions.

    Bardem says that the population of the camps is peaceful but he forgets the 14 years of guerilla that Polisario has made, and also the hate propaganda that youth in the camps is subject to since their childhood. It seems that all problems come from Morocco... Shameful.

    I am also very ashamed by the behaviour of our ambassadors who failed to defend this strategic cause. Please le the new generation take it over.

    Best regards,

    March 9, 2013 at 4:56 pm | Reply
  40. suissi

    I am one of those who can call themselves 'experts' of western Sahara issues that is simply because i keep continuing anything that tackle this problem, and also because j am originally from this i will state some fair and objective conclusions to who still exploit locally the suffering of the people of western Sahara:
    _the people of western sahara deserves total independence.
    _since the 1992 the poljsario front did nothing to achieve this goal especially in terms of education of the refugees and more importantly in terms of eliminating the culture of tribes and the mesterious division of society (lamaalmin ,aznaga...)and its terrible effects on any progress.
    _the sahrawis benefited a lot from morocco_i am always insisting that morocco is the only country perhaps all over the world that has succeeded in eliminating all types of racism.
    -Finally the best and definitely possible solution is the status of Scotland in Great Britain.

    March 9, 2013 at 8:39 pm | Reply
  41. suissi (sad sahrawi)

    Mr ahmad salem this is not the right occasion to organize propaganda for Corcas.

    March 9, 2013 at 8:51 pm | Reply
  42. Maghrebi Libre

    Morocco is the most repressive regime in the Arab world after the end of Iraq and Syria. Morocco does not respect its own population let along the poor Sahrawis who are treated like dogs in their own country. The US< Europe have the ethical, legal and most of all MORAL obligation to stand in the face of evil. Like his father, this king Mohamed 6 is as cruel as his father. Killing, torture are his style. Morocco is no place of democracy or coexitence but a breeding ground for the next Alqaeeda recruiters. Did you forget 7/11 in Spain where thousands perished at the hands of Morocco extremists.

    March 10, 2013 at 8:06 am | Reply
    • Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

      Waou I like the algerian style to propagate against Morocco. What about Algeria? Is it the best example in terms of human rights in your opinion? Do you think Algeria is better than Morocco in terms of liberties...and access to basic needs water for example 🙂 You can't be serious. In each country there is an army. In Allgeria, the army has a country !!! In Morocco, there is no oil or gas but people live pretty much better than in Algeria. In Morocco, there is no army in the street. In Algeria, the army is everywhere. Where are the dogs finally and how can you explain the encirclement of the western saharawi in Tindouf gulags? Why aren't they free to move? Why do Algeria condemn our relatives to live in such harsh conditions?...

      Regarding Corcas, in fact I am supporting the good work of Corcas members. Corcas is concrete to me. Corcas members participate to Manhassett talks, to HRC meetings, to 4th commission....Corcas is official and it's under the umbrella of the king. Can the western saharawi ask more that this? YES, they did and they got autonomy. Autonomy remains the sole solution to this absurd conflict legacy of the cold war.

      March 10, 2013 at 10:04 am | Reply
    • Clarity

      The descendants of Pieds-Noir and Kulughlis calling themselves Maghrebi? No sir, Maghreb is Morocco, Morocco is Maghreb. As for Morocco being the most repressive state and your other fictional slurs, it's water off a ducks back.

      March 10, 2013 at 12:48 pm | Reply
    • Ali

      Hey Algerian,

      You cannot be serious. Your statements are quite ridiculous. The problem of Morocco is the number of enemies it has, north and east, trying to find any opportunity to spoil its reputation and prestige, because our neighbours want our lands, and since we stand on they are not happy.

      I have never understood why Algeria and Algerians spend that much money and energy to harm Morocco.

      Greetings to the country who brought terrorism to the North of Africa.

      March 10, 2013 at 1:28 pm | Reply
    • suissi (sad sahrawi)

      I am sorry to tell you that I AM totally disagree with you in claiming that IT is Morocco is not a place for coexistence . Normally we should not give statements without having any arguments .I invite you to compare morocco to any Arab or even European county in terms of the existence of RACISM .you will defiantly find that in morocco racism is something abhorred by Moroccans. morocco is likely to be a developed country.

      March 16, 2013 at 6:05 pm | Reply
  43. Clarity

    CNN you've seriously got to start publishing all comments (which respect your rules of conduct), otherwise you risk losing your credibility.

    March 10, 2013 at 1:47 pm | Reply
  44. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    Regarding the film directed by Javier Bardem. I would like to share with whom it may concern some ideas about a film which could be directed by the unionist western saharawi to face allegations and lack of information raised in Javier Bardem film.

    First, the name of the film should be : Polisario Front, the Africa' Last Calumny. This film should relate :

    1. The decolonization process of Morocco at the UN level
    2. The inscription by Morocco of the Western Sahara Territory in the fourth committee of the UN as a territory to decolonize from Spain (early 60')
    3. The etablishment of Polisario Front in a context of cold war with its two groups of young saharawis, the one who stayed in Morocco and the other one who got in the algerian side
    4. The will of the majority of western saharawi (including Al ouali) to decolonize the territory from Spain for the benefit of Morocco but under conditions!
    5. The reason of the revolt of these young saharawis after Tan-Tan riots
    6. The establishment of Tindouf gulags and the transportation by military vehicles of some saharawis to these gulags after the green march (to justify the state claim, Algeria had an imperative need to populate Tindouf gulags)
    7. The tension and the war between Algeria and Morocco after the green March (Amgala 1, Amgala 2)
    8. The role of Lybia and Algeria in the autoproclamation of the "republic" of Polisario Front on the Algerian soil
    9. The goal of Algeria and Lybia in the establishment of a separatist faction facing Morocco (plotting the royalty and getting a unified socialist country from the north to the south including the Western Sahara Territory)
    10. The role of the Soviet Union block in the war between Morocco & Algeria/Polisario Front milicia (1979-1991)
    11. The role of the Soviet Union block in the introduction of the autoproclamed republic of Polisario Front in the African Union (1984) against the AU charter
    12. The acceptance of Morocco to Backer Plan 1, the refusal of Algeria
    13. The refusal of Morocco to Backer Plan 2, the acceptance of Algeria
    14. The inability of the referendum based on identification (Morocco & Algeria never agreed on voters lists) => status quo
    15. The danger of status quo mentioned several times by Moroccan officials in international meetings
    16. The no man's land in the sahel where terrorism (AQIM) took place with the regrettable consent of the Algerian militaries (GSPC inheritage)
    17. The why/who/how of the Moroccan proposal to grant autonomy to the Western Sahara Territory (Morocco withdrawed the total integration for the benefit of autonomy) => a real revolution for the western saharawi
    18. The role of the unionist western saharawi in the elaboration of the autonomy proposal
    19. The support of the unionist western saharawi to autonomy
    20. The support of the inhabitants of Tindouf gulags to autonomy

    These are some ideas but I am sure we can find more than this to rectify the wrong and incomplete information propagated by Algeria and its sponsored fellows around the world.

    There are many people still alive who can talk about the genesis of separatism ideas among the young western saharawi in Rabat in the 70'. Many former dissidents from the exterme left (western saharawi and non western saharawi) who attend M. El Ouali at the university of Rabat can testify his initial will to decolonize the Western Sahara Territory in a unified Morocco but who knows that !

    March 11, 2013 at 7:21 am | Reply
    • suissi (sad sahrawi)

      Mr ,please I hope you to avoid this clear kind of' terrorist thinking' .Bardem and lady Amanpour are interested just in seeing the sahrawis living peacefully. Then, I hope you to have the courage to have an answer of this question concerning points 19 and 20 of your 'plan': If morocco is supported by 'unionists' and the refugee camps inhabitants,what is then the reason behind refusing the referendum.
      believe me, I do believe strongly in the Moroccan initiative (autonomy), especially an advanced one that garrentee the cultural Independence ,but Moroccan officials need to talk to the sahrawis honestly by recognizing their rights and asking them for a fair objective discussion ... ;

      March 11, 2013 at 8:05 pm | Reply
      • Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

        If you are really saharawi, you know more than anyone else the impact of the autonomy initiative in the Western Sahara Territory. The support is concrete. Do I need to remind you that the majority of the western saharawi were initially with the total integration. There was no room for autonomy. Autonomy has been already proposed by Algeria in the 80' and it was definitely rejected by the unionist western saharawi. The king Mohammed VI played a great role to let the western saharawi accept the autonomy proposal as a compromise to happy end this absurd conflict legacy of the cold war. Now, there is a proposal on the table. Morocco says to Algeria the Moroccan autonomy isn't God words. It can be subject to negotiation and adjustments. If Algeria really love the Western Saharawi, if Algeria really cares on the present and the future of our relatives, Algeria should accept to negotiate on that. That was suggested by Mahfoud Ali Beiba, the ex-leader of Polisario Front but he was killed by the Algerian militaries.
        Regarding the support to autonomy inside Tindouf gulags, you should know that the state claim is the will of Algeria and some Polisario Front officials those who largely benefit from the status quo. The majority of the inhabitants of Tindouf gulags want to join families in the Western Sahara Territory. Unfortunately, they can't voice it because of persecution and oppression. International people should know that when people revolt in Tindouf gulags, they don't get their daily food and water. This unhuman blackmail is unbearable. International people should also know that the visits to Tindouf gulags are totally under control. International people are in touch exclusively with authorized people. They can't move freely from one gulag to another without the presence of Polisario Front official working for Algeria secret services. Bear in mind, there are 5 gulags in the region of Tindouf. You can find them through the following link : (click on the links on the right to reach the gulags)
        Let me remind you how Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud was persecuted in Tindouf gulags simply because he expressed his support to autonomy same as the singer Najem Allal. How can you explain the silence of some dishonest human rigts activits on these two cases and many other hidden cases inside Tindouf gulags.

        Dear sir, I am not the song of a notable western saharawi as you can divine from my name but I support a happy end to this absurd conflict. I support the return of our relatives to motherland. I can't accept the risk taken by some people to flee Tindouf gulags. The fact that families have to let some members in Tindouf gulags before coming to the Western Sahara Territory in the context of UN visits to ensure their return is simply unacceptable.

        The international community has no right to wink for the benefit of oil/gas rewards or oil/gas stable prices.

        March 12, 2013 at 6:04 am |
    • Lehcen

      Mr ahmed could you please contact me at i emailed last night on Google plus but i got no response

      February 12, 2014 at 5:15 pm | Reply
  45. lahcen dalil

    Wonderful program sheds light on the subject of western sahara .Morocco wants to remain surrounded by a wall of secrecy , the Saharawi people want only to self-determination. thank to Christiane Amanpour

    March 11, 2013 at 10:50 am | Reply
  46. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    Here are some videos relating the involvment of Algeria in the fabrication of the Western Sahara issue in the 70' : (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)

    Also, here is a very interesting article made by an Algerian newspaper under the name : "The Western Sahara issue, one of the biggest corruption scandals in Algeria". It's in arabic but you can get the most important ideas by translating it into English.
    It mentionned the role of bouteflika when he was MFA of Algeria in corrupting African heads of state and others around the world to spread separatism in the Western Sahara Territory...Good reading

    March 11, 2013 at 12:39 pm | Reply
    • suissi (sad sahrawi)

      unfortunately I did not expect this kind of answer . this kind of propaganda damage the Moroccan point of view .I am strongly certain that The moroccan officials prefer talking to sahrawis who respect the suffering of their people.YES I AM CONFIDENT that morocco is great country that able to recognize its crucial mistakes in the sahara .remember that Mr Louchilki did so .NEVER talk about words you do not know its meaning (international peaple ,absurdity )Mr SALMA who himself that is no more than a tool..... .Again the polisarion leaders have many mistakes that harm their peaple ,but they remain the legitimate representatives of the sahrawis .I REPEATED THAT THE SOLUTION OF THIS IS LIKELY TO A SOLUTION BUT JUST BETWEEN HIS MAJESTY MOHAMED6 AND THE POLISARIO LEADERS WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF other sahrawis like wald rachid and biadillah. finally the solution willnot definately appear with the ideas you have stated in which you respect sahrawis _ DIGNITY IN A MAJOR ASPECT OF THIS PEAPLE WHOM I AM SURE YOU DO NOT KNOW THEIR CULTURE.

      March 12, 2013 at 8:32 pm | Reply
      • Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

        Morocco recognized his mistakes in the Western Sahara Territory during the years of lead when people were persecuted in Morocco from the north to the south without any distinction. Starting from 1999, there were many public and recorded meetings where exactions were freely narrated by some western saharawi in the 70 and 80'. The same public meetings took place everywhere in the country. This dark page of Morocco is obsolete actually. I am a bit amuzed when the comic lady Aminatou Haidar makes confusion in her speech about human rights during this period in Morocco. She presents the human rights situation on the ground of the Western Sahara Territory as if it's still "the years of lead". She seems to be very nostalgic of this dark period. Or maybe it fits the political agenda of her main sponsor, Algeria.
        For those who aren't aware of the awarding process of Aminatou Haidar, let me present it to you :
        1. First, it starts with an indirect "donation" to an international NGO by algerian relays
        2. Second, algerian sponsored relays (supporting committtees around the world) propose online Aminatou Haidar to be nominated to award the prize
        3. Third, the award is given to M. Aminatou Haidar to make the buzz
        That is the very simple awarding process of the comic lady Aminatou Haidar made by Algeria and sponsored fellows. She has never spent one penny to support the culture of human rights in the Western Sahara Territory. Normally, a great hereo should give the awarded money to people or at least to the promotion of the human rights culture in the region. In Aminatou Haidar case, she got money from everywhere through the algerian bridges for her own. So, when some international people talk about Aminatou Haidar as a hero, the western saharawi are really amuzed.

        March 14, 2013 at 1:05 pm |
  47. abajery

    gracias, CNN,MARRUECOS ES UN PAIS QUE TORTURA Y OCUPA ILEGALMENTE AL SAHARA OCCIDENTAL,SOLO HAY QUE IR ALA PAGINA OFICIAL DE l UNU,y leer las resoluciones,relativas al conflicto.pero,ES MAS FACIL COJER UN MENTIROSO QUE COJER UN COJO,PORFA,CNN,visita lis territorios sahrauis ocupados por marruecos y tambien los campamentos de refugiados y asi desnudar la propaganda del regimen marroqui.te esperemos

    March 13, 2013 at 9:59 am | Reply
  48. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    CNN podra visitar el territorio del Sahara Occidental a partir de hoy. CNN no sera capaz de visitar las 5 gulags de hoy. Argelia nunca estaremos de acuerdo en la visita porque todo tiene que estar bajo el control primero.

    March 14, 2013 at 1:12 pm | Reply
  49. suissi (sad sahrawi)

    Mr ahmed salem ,you are basically not serious in your answers ,I hate this kind of propaganda .I HOPE TO STOP ANSWERING ME WITH ALL MY RESPECT TO YOUR UNDERSTANDING TO THE PROBLEM THAT NEEDS A LOT . BUT I DO INVITE OTHERS TO EXCHANGE WITH ME SOME OBJECTIVE IDEAS IN WHICH WE RESPECT ALL THE PARTIES WITHOUT ADOPTING READY JUGEMENTS. THE SAHRAWI ISSUE IS NEED OF NEW OBJECTIVE IDEAS THAT ADOPT THE TWO VIEWS AND PROPOSALS . As said before there is no contradiction between discussing the Moroccan proposal and the self determination of the sahrawis....

    March 14, 2013 at 7:14 pm | Reply
  50. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    If I may, your posts miss some realism. You let aside the history of Morocco, the decolonization process of Morocco from 1956 till 1975 and the genesis of the Western Sahara Territory issue in the context of cold war. If you miss these important points, you will miss the basic understanding of this absurd issue. You can't talk about the issue without talking about these 3 interdependent points. I can't understand your manner to put in a hand Morocco, the kingdom of Morocco, and in the other the algerian separatist faction Polisario Front. You should face Morocco to Algeria in this conflict. Even if Algeria succeeded on keeping its shadow position by funding supporting committees and fake NGOs to do the job. What I call the Network. Algeria is behind any activity in the world supporting separatism in the Western Sahara Territory. Algeria has the global network to keep on the pressure. Algeria has the money to keep this network alive. What about Morocco and the unionist western saharawi? I believe it's time to establish the Network to spread unionism in the Western Sahara Territory. At the same time, Morocco has to make pressure on the UNHCR to help and save the life of all those retained in Tindouf gulags willing to return back to Morocco. As Algeria refuse any compromise on the issue, Morocco has to be more agressive to :
    1. Spread unionism among the international community
    2. Help people to escape Tindouf gulags hell
    3. Save the life of Polisario Front representatives willing to return back to Morocco
    In such way, the Western Sahara Territory issue will happy end as Tindouf camps will be populated only by the few algerian Polisario Front officials (about 1000). Can a state take place with 1000 people!? I don't think so.

    March 15, 2013 at 8:02 am | Reply
  51. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    FYI, many Polisario Front representatives are preparing their return to Morocco. I wish them good luck and a saved life.

    March 15, 2013 at 10:24 am | Reply
  52. benny benhammou

    algeria is playing a bad part in this situation,this actor from spain need to worry about his movies,the morocoo sahra conflict is a reality,u dont get an oscar,also he need to know what spain is doing in setta and melilia

    March 15, 2013 at 3:25 pm | Reply
  53. Yahia Maghrebi

    It's really a shame to see some morrocans here defend their predatorian invasion of this land. The sahrawis people haven't fight the spanish dictator Franco to herit of another dictator named Hassan II. Miss Amanpour is giving you here a lesson in civilization and humanity and you need to listen and understand her message. I challenge anyone here to find an old map of the last ten centuries where we can see that the Occidental Sahara has been part at any time of the kingdom of Morroco. This kingdom itself was at the south of the Fez kingdom.
    You must be inspired from Ms Amanpour and also of the UK democratic experience who recently organized a self-determination referundum in the Falkland Islands and who will also organize another one in Scotland to let people who are more british to choose their independence or to stay with Britain. Maybe people will after that respect you for this initiative, especially Algerians who know you fairly and who know your proven injustice.
    Look at the the crime perpetrated yesterday against the civilian population of Laayoun who demonstrated peacefully during the visit of Christopher Ross, and photos and videos collected and that come to us from there of women severely beaten and disfigured shows to the world the true face of your democratic and civilized autonomy solution. And this is why Sahrawis don't want and will never accept your injust monarchy where the Moroccan people themselves are living under the most outrageous royal dictatorship after Saddam's one.
    Also look at what mean MINURSO in the UN website, you will see that Morrocco itself accepted to organize a referundum. However, morroccons never respect their engagments while people like Christiane Amanpour and Ken Olchansky are more respectful and human than all of you here. People like Serfaty, the morrocon jew who have been imprisonned and also sequestrated like all sahrawis for many years for the simple fact that he has supported this right cause. Shame on you and this is why all algerian will never respect you. France who have colonized you and also Algeria have been more honorable than you whene De Gaule decided to organize a self-independence referundum to algerians after 130 years of colonisation of Algeria and he honored his engadgment while YOU, you cannot honor any pact.

    March 24, 2013 at 2:47 pm | Reply
    • suissi (sad sahrawi)

      Mr maghribi ,
      again ,i hope that you are able to distinguish between the right of self determination for the sahrawis and the fact that MOROCCO is in -my view – the best country in the Arab world in terms of coexistence and the respect of minorities . of course the authority forces are damaging heavily the image of Morocco in Laayoune .BUT MOROCCANS SHOULD PUT INTO ACCOUNT THAT THE IMAGES COMING FROM LAAYOUNE ARE UNBEARABLE.

      March 26, 2013 at 3:22 pm | Reply
  54. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    Dear M. Yahia, algerian you are or whatever I really don't care. The Algerian propagandists are everywhere on Internet...Anyway, you can't compare the Western Sahara Territory issue to the Scotland case. Compare it rather to the Irish one. There was time for war and hate. Actually, the loyalists and the independentists are living peacefully after the great reconciliation of the two parties and the disarmament of the ETA. Regarding the map, let me remind you the map of Morocco since the Almoravides rule. Do I need to remind you the Algerian global area before the French protectorate in 1830? Do I need to remind you the belonging of Tindouf area before the French protectorate? Do I need to remind you the real starting of the Algerian nation in 1962 with the help of the Moroccan regime?...You and your algerian commanders are focusing on the exaggeration of human rights incidents in the Western Sahara Territory relayed by your sponsored fellows around the world. Fortunately, the international community is definitely aware of your bad faith in the issue. The international community is definitely aware of provocating activities of some few separatists sponsored by Algeria. The oil/gas money has a limited lifetime and the algerian people are demonstrating everyday their dissatisfaction on the situation in Algeria (no basic needs, no water, no food available to people at reasonable prices, the army is everywhere...). Algeria is really unstable and have a very dark vision in the region to impose its hegemony. We actually see the results of its dark policy in Mali.
    Regarding the referendum, you certainely know that Algeria refused the Backer Plan 1 while Morocco accepted it and that Algeria accepted Backer Plan 2 while Morocco rejected it. There was no room for a consensual voters lists. That's the real problem to achieve a referendum hidden by Algeria and sponsored fellows around the world. To move on, Morocco withdrawed the total integration of the Western Sahara Territory for the benefit of autonomy, a compromise solution to happy end this absurd issue legacy of the cold war. Is Algeria ready to withdraw the independence option? That's the key issue.

    In the end, let me share with you some paragraphs from the 2012 Human Rights Watch report regarding Algeria :
    Algeria continued to experience widespread human rights violations in 2011. A
    state of emergency—imposed in 1992 and renewed indefinitely by decree in
    1993—created a backdrop for widespread restrictions on freedom of expression,
    association, and assembly. Authorities justify the measure as necessary to combat
    Members of the security forces and armed groups continued to enjoy broad
    impunity for atrocities committed during the violent internal conflict of the 1990s.
    The state offered compensation to families of persons forcibly disappeared in the
    1990s, but failed to provide answers about their fate. Militant groups continued
    their deadly attacks, mostly targeting security forces, albeit on a lesser scale than
    in previous years.
    The state controls broadcast media, which provides live telecasts of parliamentary
    sessions but airs almost no critical coverage of government policies.
    Privately-owned newspapers enjoy freer scope, but repressive press laws and
    dependence on revenues from public sector advertising limit their freedom to criticize
    the government and the military.
    Prosecutors constantly prosecute journalists and independent publications for
    defaming or insulting public officials. Courts of first instance sometimes sentence
    them to prison and heavy fines, which appeals courts often overturn or suspend.

    March 27, 2013 at 7:58 am | Reply
  55. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    Javier Bardem is in the heart of a great scandal in Spain. He supports the struggle of Polisario Front leaders to impose separatism in the Western Sahara Territory but he doesn't admit basic human rights to workers in his restaurant in Spain. As he has actually some financial problems, his support to Algeria is motivated by oil/gas rewards. It does make sense. NOW I SEE HIS NEED OF A BLIND SUPPORT TO ALGERIA.

    Please read this :

    March 27, 2013 at 12:51 pm | Reply
  56. suissi (sad sahrawi)

    repeating this bad song of 'cold war' is basically an old-fashioned way of ignoring the rights .you have to understand that the official morocco has recognized clearly the rights of self determination for the sahrawis; first , by accepting the peace plan ;second by proposing autonomy. unfortunately, your long article does not contain the people of Sahara. your words are no more used in the Moroccan official media. I MAY SUPPOSE THAT THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE SPONSORED BY ALGERIA . THERE ARE MORE WHO LIVE IN THE TERRITORY WHO MAINLY LIVE ON THE SUFFERING OF THE SAHRAWIS .BUT I AM DEFINITELY SURE THAT MOROCCANS ARE THE FIRST WHO DESPISE THEM . THE MOROCCAN AUTHORITIES ARE SERIOUS IN FINDING A SOLUTION OF THIS PROBLEM.

    March 27, 2013 at 7:58 pm | Reply
  57. suissi (sad sahrawi)


    March 27, 2013 at 8:07 pm | Reply
  58. Yahia Maghrebi

    What happened to CNN guys? Aren't you the first democratic defending platform in the world? Why are you selecting some comments and not publishing others? There are more outrageous comments here against Algeria in all this list published without any censorship, but when it is the case to answer to some questions to some stupid moroccans here whith real facts, it seems that you are censoring my comments. Honestly, don't tell me that CNN become also a lobbying wing in the hands of some political sides. I really admired these interview of Amanpoor with Javier Bardem and the Moroccan ambassador but you don't need to use any pro moroccan lobbying like some american congressmen are doing in the back of the poor people of the Western Sahara. It's the United States of America who need to show to the world the good face of democracy and justice, because when people see that you are only supporting injustice to make a certain king feel his ass confortable in his chair like you did with a certain Shah in Iran some years ago (and this why you lost Iran who have been your ally), when you know that the Sahrawis people have the right to self-determination referundum, nobody will 'dare to believe in your freedom model after that.

    Hey!!! Is it CNN here or not???

    March 28, 2013 at 7:24 pm | Reply
  59. Yahia Maghrebi

    Where are my two other comments in reply to 2 certain Nobel Peace Prizes owners Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad and suissi (sad sahrawi)?

    March 28, 2013 at 7:30 pm | Reply
  60. suissi (sad sahrawi)


    March 28, 2013 at 8:02 pm | Reply
  61. Yahia Maghrebi

    Mr Happy Moroccan
    I know that CNN is a good international channel, but I have never been told that censorship was one its weapons. When I will see my two comments in reply to you and another agent here, i will definitely consider it as a good channel. But censorship vs censorship, in this case our censorship will be better and let me tell you one thing I hope and pray that algerian officials will decide to back the sahrawis people with their arms in the second part behind your mines walls, because at this time and when Algeria will not be responsible of the presence of this population in its land and the war will be declared like in the days before 90, we will see if you will always implicate Algeria in this. You need to thank us to have avoided you 20 years of war and to have sent you these last weeks Mrs Lagarde with our money through the IMF. Think about this??? Your king have simply traveled during more than a week only to not assist to this: See that algerian generosity is coming to him???? And please don't tell me that the Western Sahara conflict is a new issue for the CNN or the international community. It's the silence and political side of the medias who have hide the truth about the situation of the sahrawi people to only make a favor to the king, but what if the war will take a place again??? How long it will be dissimulated because you know and the moroccans know that the sahrawi people don't want to be assimilated under the flag of Morocco and this is why all these violence scenes are coming from Al Ayoun. It looks like the moroccan and you are asking the sahrawi people to love you at any price: "Please Love us and Our Autonomy Plan" but they wont and you know that and this why you are making the pushing the anger at the top levels and I can already smell the war coming there again. Democracy is give people the chance to choose their destiny and not force them to accept your archaic solution after you accepted in 1990 to make a referundum. The MINURSO has no mission there if it's not able to organize a referundum and it need to live the area. The Sahrawis will find the solution on how to get their rights. Common be honest....

    March 28, 2013 at 9:04 pm | Reply
  62. Yahia Maghrebi

    And Mr Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad... Don't fool yourself and people here... Algeria is 1000x better than Morocco in everything and the truth cannot hidden. Any honest specialist and the simple citizen and moroccans who are actually clandestinely imigrating to Algeria will tell you about that. Don't compare your country to Algeria. There is a big difference in everything... ALGERIA IS A POLPULAR AND DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and morocco is a FAMILY MONARCHY. In Morocco there is no citizens, and citizenship definition is not existant. So as a subject of her majesty, please don't talk about human rights and freedom. When you will have the right to not kiss the hand of your dictator then come to give us lessons about liberty and rights. When you will be yourself autonomes come to give us lessons about Autonomy, large-Autonomy and Extra-Autonomy maybe. You don't know yet what liberty means to explain it. Algerians knows it exactly like americans after they get their independance from the United Kingdom. Ahh Yes! It looks that the United Kingdom have proposed to americans an autonomy plan at that time because it wasn't possible to UK to organize a referundum as the american people was not been easy to classify... There was too many italians, irish, germans and also sahrawis... so this is why only one way has make them proud of their independence day... fighting for their rights... because they was sure that England will never give it to them and this is how Sahrawis people are sure that your "family heritage" will never give to them.

    March 28, 2013 at 9:31 pm | Reply
  63. suissi (sad sahrawi)

    you need again to revise my comments before to respond exactly as i do .of course i do respect your views . I am sahrawi but this fact will not force me to ignore the good side or face of morocco in many aspects .Algeria -of course and no can deny -is the clear example of revolution all over the world ;and all the sahrawis are grateful to algeria ;and Moroccans know that well. but also the sahrawis have to put into account that moroccans will not leave w.sahara without any benefits .this is because of many issues that you may not know if you are not SAHRAWI, even moroccans do not know.

    March 29, 2013 at 10:18 am | Reply
  64. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    Yahia, we all know actually that you are algerian. We all know actually that you belong to the well known algerian DRS for some evident reasons. You are propagating the usual lies and allegations against Morocco. Unfortunately, you should give and take ideas with people working for the same kind of organisation. Sorry but I won't be your man. I am here on behalf of the unionist western saharawi that Algeria has been denying since 1975 to avoid any calling into question of the decolonization myth of the Western Sahara Territory propagated by Algeria and sponsored fellows around the world. I am on Internet to show to the world that the unionist western saharawi represent the majority in the Western Sahara Territory and that the calumnies of Algeria and sponsored friends will never stop the reconciliation process initiated by the unionists to join families in the Western Sahara Territory. I am on Internet to denounce the wrongdoings of Algeria towards the Western Saharawi since 1975. The Western Saharawi are the puppets of a dark political vision of Algeria in the Sahel and the Sahara. We are seeing actually the consequences of such policy in Mali.

    God save the Western Saharawi encircled in Tindouf gulags in Algeria
    God save Morocco
    God save America

    April 16, 2013 at 8:47 am | Reply
  65. Saharawi

    (Reuters) – The United States has proposed that the U.N. peace-keeping mission in the disputed territory of Western Sahara help monitor human rights there, U.N. diplomats said on Tuesday, an idea that has prompted an expression of regret from Morocco!!!!!
    Payton Knopf, spokesman for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations: "We are actively reviewing MINURSO's mandate and are working closely with our U.N. Security Council partners on this issue," .. "The United States continues to support the U.N.-led process designed to bring about a peaceful, sustainable, and mutually agreed solution to the conflict whereby the human rights of all individuals are respected."


    April 17, 2013 at 3:24 pm | Reply
  66. Yahia Maghrebi

    Hello Mr Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad,
    Yes man I am algerian and is it a crime? I am algerian and proud of my country who has always defended the minority people rights. Why you fear the autodetermination process if you are still confirming that the unionist sahrawi is the majority. Good and Halleluya for you. Let us finish with this election under the umbrella of the world improvisation 'and not Algeria' if you fear any fraud. Why are you at all worried about the Human Rights cause if you think that you are doing well and all other are wrong. Because you are only 'Liars, and Non respectful of any right'. You are the only country in the world where slavery isn't banished yet. In no part of the world people kiss the hand of anyone or prostrate before somebody than in your land. You are petty and miserable to continue to defend an injust cause. The Western Sahara is more bigger than Tunisia... and if you are all time trying to legitimate your invasion in the back of Algeria... Did that mean that Algeria or libya has even think to invade Tunisia too. Stop fooling yourself. The world isn't idiot. Why isn't Algeria manifesting any anger against this Human Rights decision by USA in Tindouf but in contrary are happy that finally it will be taken by a third party and let this story end. Let me tell you only one thing man. I am not a DRS agent and have anything with them and I am only a simple ordinary algerian... but when I see people like you who have invented a 'LIE' and have finished by 'BELIEVE IT'. I pray that the algerian officials will never re-open the borders with Morocco (and I know and assume what I am telling here because I know that more than 90% of algerians will agree with it) even if this Sahrawi problem will be resolved because honestly, you are not the type of persons our education and history have recommanded to frequent. You are untrustful and like in a Harem, you backstab everyone even your close friends. And only one thing, sure God have saved Saharawi people in Tindouf from your tyranny (unfortunately it hasn't the case for the Gdeim Izik 20 civil activists) and sure God will save America who is now defending a true cause and be sure that God will never save tyrans like he did with pharaons, caesars, and dictators. But WHEN JUSTICE IS DONE, IT IS A JOY TO THE RIGHTEOUS BUT TERROR TO EVILDOERS... Amen

    April 17, 2013 at 6:55 pm | Reply
  67. Sidahmed

    Is Morocco trying to blackmail the USA?????

    The US is redeploying forces that were meant to take part in joint military exercises in Morocco amid a disagreement over Western Sahara.

    April 17, 2013 at 7:19 pm | Reply
  68. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    Well, the coalition against the kingdom of Morocco and the Western Saharawi is becoming bigger. The DRS agents are on the fire actually. Anyway, the difference between me and you all is that I want a happy end to the encirclement of my people in Tindouf gulags in Algeria. You all are working to maintain the status quo for some dark reasons. I want the return of my people to their motherland, the Western Sahara Territory. I am sick to see people risking their lives and the life of their families to flee Algeria to return back to the Western Sahara Territory south the kingdom of Morocco. I am sick to see how saharawi in Tindouf gulags are obliged to keep some families members to ensure their return to the camps of hell during UN visits. I am sick to know that Algeria has never allowed the UNHCR to make the population census of Tindouf gulags requested by the international community since 1976. I am sick to know that in 1976, Algeria wanted to declare to the UNHCR 500000 inhabitants in Tindouf gulags to justify the state claim!!! I am sick to see my people oppressed and resigned because of water and food blackmail. I am sick to see my relatives without any kind of basic freedom while (real) human rights activists work freely in the Western Sahara Territory.

    You are simply bad to our people. You are bad to our cause. DRS agents are the cause of our misfortunes since 1976. You will never succeed on these maneuvers because the unionist western saharawi will block any attempt to block our unity and freedom.

    God save the western saharawi
    God save the lives of those without voice supporting autonomy in Tindouf gulags in Algeria
    God save our beloved nation since ever, the kingdom of Morocco
    God save America

    God damn the Algerian DRS Polisario Front system based on fake stories and true dollars.

    April 19, 2013 at 11:48 am | Reply
  69. suissi (sad sahrawi)

    still the best reasonable possible solution for this awkward issue is not saying bad words to the great kingdom of morocco and its kind civilized people or damning the best liberation movement the Arab world have witnessed after the famous revolutionary liberation movement of Algeria .i do believe that the status of Scotland in great Britain is for the sakia hamra and wad dahab. to ahmad salam : autonomy is abig lie that cannot take place in the territory .to yahia : convincing Moroccans to the Sahara without nothing is telling Moroccans to dismantle the kingdom. BOTH OF YOU SHOW A GREAT IGNORANCE OF THE PROBLEM.

    April 19, 2013 at 8:35 pm | Reply
  70. moroccan4seasons

    Vive le maroc, moroccan sahara wil always stay morocan, I'm asking the liberation of" qbayli "region . The whole slouth of algeria is a refugee camp that UN should liberate. Or guess what we should creat a camp in morocco and ask algeria for independance.
    Moroccan sahara and always will stay that way. Losers go talk about human right in your backyard,

    April 20, 2013 at 7:31 pm | Reply
  71. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    I believe the best solution remains the Irish case. The loyalists and the independentists are living in peace actually in North Ireland. The IRA accepted the historical compromise. They played the legal political game for the benefit of the present and the future, and they were definitely right. The Polisario Front leaders, precisely those supporting the Algerian theses, should follow the IRA example and make the great reconciliation. Having said that, there is one difference with the Western Sahara Territory case: IRA wasn't hosted by another country. IRA was free to make trouble, free to make peace and reconciliation. IRA wasn't supported diplomatically speaking by a country...When Algeria will leave the western saharawi decide for their future, the western saharawi will be able to make the great reconciliation requested by the majority of the western saharawi except those who are getting financial rewards from the status quo.

    May 16, 2013 at 6:24 am | Reply
  72. vera

    CONGRATULATIONS. A parcel containing what cannot be disclosed until it get to you was brought to our office by a man called Dr maxwell frank from

    July 9, 2013 at 8:35 am | Reply

    When you mix absurdities, misinformation, distortions you get an interview of this caliber. Does Amanpour and Bardem know that the Moroccan Ambassador in Spain is Mr. Ahmed Ould Souilem a former Polizario leader who returned to Morocco in 2009. What about former Polizario police chief, Mustapha Oueld Salma, who is now on a hunger strike denouncing Polizario abuses on the camps. What about the dozens of founding Polizario leaders who returned to Morocco; i.e: Bachir Dkhill – Founding member of the POLISARIO.Mustapha El Barazani founder member and representative at the Organisation of African Unity. Brahim Hakim – Former foreign minister of the RASD and representative of the POLISARIO in North America. Omar Hadrami – responsible of the military security of POLISARIO.Ayoub Lahbib – Founder member of the POLISARIO and member of the Executive Committee. Lebnaha Attaya – Attaché to Prime Minister of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Mahfoud Ali Beiba.Ghaoutah Mohamed Ahmed Baba – census official . Mustapha Bouh – Political Commissar for Sahrawi Popular Army of Liberation. representative of the organization in several countries and organizations.Guajmoula Bent Ebbi – member of the Politburo, and today Moroccan MP. Sidati Mohamed Abdellahi alias Sidati El Ghallaoui – representative of the POLISARIO in Italy and Malta. Mohamed Abdelkader Ould Mohamed Oul Habiboullah Ould Haibelti – Held several top positions before heading the Sahrawi Republic-radio. Maâlainine Mohamed Khaled – POLISARIO observer at MINURSO in Mauritania. Boullahi El Khalifa, Director of POLISARIO radio broadcasting. Mohamed Salem Khatri .Keltoum Khayati – Formerly in charge of the organization of women. Abderrahmane Leibek – POLISARIO member. Mohamed Ahmed ben Omar Ouled M'Brirek – POLISARIO representative for the identification of Sahrawis. Ahmed Moulay M’Hamed – Head of the Security Services.
    Lfdal Malainine – director at the Education Ministry.Ghoulam Najem Mouichane – representative in Germany
    Ahmed Ould Mohamed Abderrahman Cheikh Abdelaziz Rabani.Hametti Rabani – Minister for Justice and Cults. Mohamed Abdellahi Ould Mohamed El Mostapha Rabani – Lawyer. El Haj Abdellah Ould Abdelkader Ould Rabani – Journalist .
    Merrebih Rebbou[, Ahmed Ould Saleh, Bouchaâb Yahdih – representative of POLISARIO in France,
    Cheikh Ali El Bouhali Hnini, Daifallah Yahdih ,Cheikh El Mahjoub Ould M'Hamed Salem Ould Erraha ..... AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON

    February 28, 2014 at 10:22 am | Reply
  74. maroc

    je vous remercie beacoup.

    September 30, 2015 at 6:56 pm | Reply
  75. hey

    February 24, 2016 at 12:04 pm | Reply
  76. lio

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