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Ukraine: A crisis with a human face

February 20th, 2014
03:21 PM ET

A closer look at Ukraine reveals a crisis with a very human face; Hala Gorani looks at some of the most haunting photos.

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  1. Murray Lugansk

    Why Eastern Ukranians and Jews should be concerned. This is the Svoboda.
    All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda"[edit]
    The Social-National Party of Ukraine changed its name to the All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" in February 2004 with the arrival of Oleh Tyahnybok as party leader.[2] It moved to moderate its image by replacing the "I + N" ("Idea Natsii" ukr. "idea of a nation") Wolfsangel logo with a three-fingered hand reminiscent of the 'Tryzub' pro-independence gesture of the late 1980s and by pushing out neo-Nazi and other radical groups from the party.[38]
    In 2004, Tyahnybok was expelled from the Our Ukraine parliamentary faction for a speech calling for Ukrainians to fight against a "Muscovite-Jewish mafia"[39] The speech was delivered at the grave-site of a commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army where Tyahnybok praised its struggle against "Moskaly", a derogatory term for either Russians[40] or pan-Russian nationalists;[41][42] Germans; and "Zhydy", an archaic but controversial term for Jews in Ukraine due to it being a slur when used in the Russian language.[43][44]
    In the 2006 local elections the party had obtained 4.2% of the votes and 4 seats in the Ternopil Oblast Council, 5.62% of the votes and 10 seats in the Lviv Oblast Council and 6.69% of the votes and 9 seats in the Lviv city council.[15]
    In the 2007 parliamentary elections, the party received 0.76% of the votes cast,[25] more than double their share during the 2006 parliamentary elections, when they received 0.36%.[25] It was ranked eighth out of 20 parties (in the 2007 elections) and the non-participation of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists made the party the only far-right party to participate in the 2007 parliamentary elections.[15]
    In the autumn of 2009, Svoboda joined the Alliance of European National Movements as the only organisation from outside the European Union.[2] That year the party claimed to have 15,000 members.[15]
    A Svoboda meeting in Kiev in 2009.

    February 25, 2014 at 5:42 pm | Reply
  2. Murray Lugansk

    Social-National Party of Ukraine[edit]

    First party logo (1991–2003), with the letters I and N standing for "Idea of the Nation", graphically identical to the Wolfsangel, a symbol popular among neo-Nazi groups.[2]
    The Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU) was registered as a party on October 16, 1995;[1][25] although the original movement was founded on October 13, 1991, in Lviv. The name of the party is said to have been an intentional reference to the Nazi Party in Germany.[26] Membership was restricted to ethnic Ukrainians, and for a period the party did not accept atheists or former members of the Communist Party. The SNPU's official program defined itself as an "irreconcilable enemy of Communist ideology" and all other parties to be either collaborators and enemies of the Ukrainian revolution, or romanticists. During the 1994 Ukrainian parliamentary elections, the party presented itself as separate from both communist and social democrat platforms.[27][third-party source needed]
    In the 1998 parliamentary elections the party joined a bloc of parties (together with the All-Ukrainian Political Movement "State Independence of Ukraine")[28] called "Less Words" (Ukrainian: Менше слів), which collected 0.16% of the national vote.[25][29][30] Party member Oleh Tyahnybok[31] was voted into the Ukrainian Parliament in this election.[31] He became a member of the People's Movement of Ukraine faction.[31]
    The party established the paramilitary organization Patriots of Ukraine in 1999 as an "Association of Support" for the Military of Ukraine. The paramilitary organization, which continues to use the Wolfsangel symbol, was disbanded in 2004 during the SNPU's reformation and reformed in 2005.[2] Svoboda officially ended association with the group in 2007,[32] but they remain informally linked,[33][34][35] with representatives of Svoboda attending social campaigns such as protests against price increases and leafleting against drugs and alcohol.[36] In 2014, Svoboda was noted for clashing with the far-right group Right Sector, a coalition which includes Patriot of Ukraine.[37]
    In 2001, the party joined some actions of the "Ukraine without Kuchma" protest campaign and was active in forming the association of Ukraine's rightist parties and in supporting Viktor Yushchenko's candidacy for prime minister, although it did not participate in the 2002 parliamentary elections.[25] However, as a member of Victor Yushchenko’s Our Ukraine bloc, Tyahnybok was reelected to the Ukrainian parliament.[31] The SNPU won two seats in the Lviv oblast council of deputies and representation in the city and district councils in the Lviv and Volyn oblasts.[27][third-party source needed]

    February 25, 2014 at 5:43 pm | Reply
  3. Murray American in Lugansk

    Dear Ms. Amanpour – why is the west supporting these right wing Neo-Nazi nuts. In the East we are getting their open Ukranian demands that all individuals born in Russia and now Ukranian are to be expelled and NOT allowed the right to vote. In the East of Ukraine we are watching the Moderates and the NeoNazi's (SNPU) plan a clear an unambiguous desire to exterminate like the Jews the Russian origins here, which in Ukraine is 50-60% of the population. We are NERVOUS. The 1st or 2nd law passed two days ago, made Russian a illegal language for Government, yet allowed the Moldavians to keep their language for official work. That is like going to Canada, and the French demanding that the English speaking citizens be removed from the country. Do you believe really that in the US, a law demanding all Spanish speakers NOT to use translators, and not to be citizens even if born in the US? That is exactly what we saw with the restriction of rights of Ukranian citizens who are of Russian decent. In 2004 these crazies were voted out. The Russian minister you interviewed today on the news, had it right. The moderates and the neo-Nazi's will begin first to cleanse themselves of each other and the winner of that which will be the neo-Nazi's will then proceed to attack and bomb at the first opportunity that presents itself the Eastern Ukranians of non-Catholic decent. WATCH. In the end Russia will morally be correct to take back Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

    February 25, 2014 at 5:51 pm | Reply

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