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Russia and Ukraine argue ... over chicken

April 22nd, 2014
11:38 AM ET

Among the hotly contested disputes between Russia and Ukraine is a recipe: Chicken Kiev.

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  1. Slavik

    Whatever the origins of "chicken kyiv", it is hardlu ukraines national dish. Ive spent decades in ukraine and dont think ive even had it once. Its also not a particular point of pride for ukrainians any more than "philadelphia" cream cheese is a point of pride for philadelphians.. It just isnt.

    April 23, 2014 at 12:23 am | Reply
  2. Suska

    I say it's French, lol. The Russian monarchy was fascinated with French culture so I would venture a guess that it is a dish that was created by a French chef for a Russian patron.

    Interestingly, there is a Russian adjective that refers to Kiev which does not have a counterpart in Ukrainian- Киева- which is used in the same way an adjective would be used in a Latin language, after the noun instead of before which is the norm in both Russian and Ukrainian. For example, whereas in Ukrainian, Kyiv translates to Київ and the Russian Kiev translates to Киев, "Kiev news" translates to the Russian "овости Киева", in Ukrainian in would be likewise be the Russian form or "Kиївська новини" might be used rather than "овости Kиївa" -although we are beginning to see Kиївa replace Киева more recently- one of the rare instances in which a Russian usage is "Ukrainianized" while Ukrainian is more often "Russified." A little bit of French flair goes a long way.

    It is very interesting this controversy- Kiev vs. Kyiv. It goes much deeper than language. It involves religion (Btw, it is KYIV, an indisputably Ukrainian city!) Kyiv is a holy city, the birthplace of three major churches of Orthodox tradition- Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchy, Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kyiv Patriarchy and Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Kyiv is also known as the "New Jerusalem." While the bishops and clergy who departed from Kyiv to establish the "Third Rome" (Vatican being first and Constantinople) in Moscow have a right to maintain a presence in Kyiv because there is an historical connection there, there really ought not be a Ukrainian Orthodox Church- Moscow Patriarchy because it is a true vestige of Russian imperial power. Unfortunately, the Russian Orthodox Church has always functioned as an arm of the state. In any case, Moscow ought not have any claim on Kyiv or on any Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Russian Orthodox for ethnic Russians perhaps but not Ukrainian Orthodox- Moscow Patriarchy. In fact, when the pope sent his greetings on the millennial of the baptism of the Rus' (1988), he sent them to Kyiv and not to Moscow. The Russian Patriarch was put out but the pope was right. There are two things standing in the way of making this the reality: Constaninople's refusal to recognize the Kyivan Patriarchy and the pro-Russian sentiments of the east.

    This is why I maintain that a peaceful separation between West and East is the best solution. I see that it is the West that is preventing this and I see the reasons for this are wrong. The western regions that are represented by the current government are concerned with holding on to the resources in the east, the territory, without regard to the will of the people who inhabit the territory. They are determined to sell out the freedom and self-determination of their eastern counterparts to the western oligarch's private interests (EU) and anti-Russian defense strategies (NATO). All this is driven by animosity for Russia naturally. I fault the west for this tug of war with Russia. They are unilaterally trying to rip East Ukraine away from Russia but their utter lack of regard for the Eastern Ukrainian people likens the situation of dogs fighting over a bone. East Ukraine is just a bone to them. They keep trying to dress it up with pretty words like unity but I see it for what it is- Ukrainian imperialism aided by the west, uncompromising winner take all.

    Russia's view is different. East Ukraine is not some bone, there is a genuine fraternal bond there. In the end, they will defend it. If the Russians moved into Ukraine any further than the eastern oblasts that have traditionally been a Party of Regions voting bloc, that would be an invasion, a violation of territorial integrity but anything up to that would not be. I reject any notion of territorial integrity that doesn't take the will of the people into consideration. Like I said, that's a ruse for imperialism.

    Of course Russia although correct in this case needs to learn to practice what they preach or they stand to be as hypocritical as the west. They have actually made progress since Soviet times. It doesn't help when they are beseiged by NATO and the EU. Fear causes them to regress in the area of democracy/human rights.

    April 23, 2014 at 12:52 pm | Reply
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